Sunday, August 14, 2011

Food filled Saturday

On Saturday, we started the day with a delicious breakfast...courtesy of Chef Erik!

He made homemade bagels sandwiches with egg & cheese. So good!!

I took Evie for a long walk down to Dolores Park. It is about a four mile round trip for us from home. It was a "warm" 70 degrees out and Evie was huffing & puffing the whole way. She loved it when we arrived at Dolores Park because she was able to lay in the shade and rest.

On our way home, we stopped at Duboce Park and she relaxed again. haha

After her walk, she passed out for the afternoon. If only I could get her moving like this in the AM, I wouldn't feel so bad about leaving her home all day. But, she is so tired in the morning. haha

Here she is passed out on the couch. We watched a movie that was super boring & I almost fell asleep too....Mao's Last Dancer. Anyway, for dinner, we went to a pizza place where a band was playing. Pay for the pizza, get a free show! Mattson 2 was playing at Una Pizzeria in SOMA. Mattson 2 plays a LOT of music in Erik's surf movies so I know them through the movies. It was cool to see them play!

I don't think Una Pizza Napoletana was all that cool, though. It was like the Soup Nazi for pizza. Authentic, Italian pizza that was expensive-- $20 for a tiny 12" pizza and you cannot request any subsitutions or toppings like red pepper flakes or shaker cheese. There are no toppings like mushrooms or peppers - every pizza is a variation of Margherita. I think I would be very disappointed if I ate pizza in Italy. I love NY pizza!!

There is a loooong wait to sit; at least 45 min. There is ONE guy making pizza in a brick oven, in the middle of the restaurant. The hours of this place are 5pm - until the dough runs out.

The drink menu is super limited and pricey. Everything they offer is Italian - Italian beers, wines, sodas, etc. The wine I ordered tasted like grape juice mixed with fizzy water...for $9.

The pizza we ordered had fresh mozzarella, fresh grape tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and basil. It was pretty good but I wish I had some shaker cheese and ranch dressing to dip it in!! I'm sure some die hard Italian pizza lovers will tell me I have no clue what I am talking about but oh well.

After dinner, we went home and tried to watch Ironman 2 but you know how that ends up. 5 mins into it & everyone is asleep on the couch. haha

Well, we had a great day and glad to try a new place to eat, of course. Even though we won't be back!

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