Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boston: Sunday

On Sunday, we hung around and then our parents came up to take us to lunch! It was great to see them. We went into the North End for yummy Italian and giant cannoli's!

Family Pic

We don't see signs like this in SF!


The Garden on the Left

North End

One if by land, Two if by sea: The Old North Church

I left on Monday Am. I had a direct flight which was great but 6 hrs on the plane is booooring. I did get to watch the Blind Side, again and some TV , and read like 3 magazines and part of a book.

Now, I am back in SF but get to see Kimmy again in two weeks in NASHVILLE!!

Boston: Saturday

Saturday was full of activity for us! We went to the JFK Library which was very fun. It is a museum mostly on JFK but also focuses on the entire family including Jackie, Bobby & Ted.

Look, we're in the White House!

Funny how this still rings true today....

Jack & Bobby

One of Jackie's outfits. Years ago, I was lucky to see her wardrobe exhibit at the Met in NYC. It was great to see her clothes from fancy dresses to daily outfits and how she brought a different type of style to the forefront in fashion in the US.

Actual piece of the Berlin Wall

Kennedy Family Photo

The famous quote

Flag in the lobby of the museum. It's a great building on the water.

After the museum, we hit up the mall. Then, we went out to celebrate Kimmy's birthday with karaoke!

We had pitchers of PBR and sang karaoke. What a great night!!

Boston: Friday

I left last Thursday for Boston and got there around 10pm. It was great to see Kimmy. We just bummed around all weekend but it was fun.

On Friday, we went to my favorite store...Christmas Tree Shops! I got great deals, of course. Such as 160 dog poop bags for $4. I could be on that commercial b/c I truly walk around the store & say 'wow look at this steal', 'oh wow this is so cheap'. haha. I couldn't belive this CTS. It was full of health & beauty stuff. For Milford peeps, it was like Xpect and CTS combined!!

Anyway, we also got yummy pizza for lunch and went to On The Border for dinner. Sooooo good. We also had fun cleaning out Kimmy's closet. Since I had my clean out last week, we did it for her. How funny it was to see her try on stuff she hasn't worn in years!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Back from Boston

I am back from Bahstan. It was a fun weekend. We just hung around but had a lot of fun. I will give you the full update & pics soon. Back to doing laundry & getting ready for the short week. Our office is closed on Friday 4/2 for Good Friday. Also happens to be my big 30th Birthday so I'm happy they closed the office in my honor. hah!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Off to Boston

I am leaving in a few hours for...Boston! I can't wait. I am going to see Kimmy and celebrate her birthday! We are going to have so much fun and this time, I really promised myself that I would not cry and be upset. I will see her again in two weeks, thankfully. Also, I will get to see my parents on Sunday for dinner. WooHOo.

I'll be back Monday. Erik is going to Tahoe this weeken with his friend & Evie is going to camp. Separate vacation time again! hah.

Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Kimmy!!

Happy Birthday Kimmy!!


Last night, after work, my boss & I took our other boss who is up from TX out for drinks because it is his birthday today! This is a little bar called DaDa one street over from our office. In my 2.5 yrs here, I never knew about it!

Get this - they have Happy Hour til 9pm and have free popcorn. I think this might become the new office happy hour spot!

Anyway, work is about to get REALLY busy now that I am going to be helping out on the new account. The team sent me about 15 emails with background detail, meetings, etc. I guess I won't be bored at work anymore!

Tonight, I have tennis & laundry & packing for Boston!! woohoo.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We went to the vet this morning! Last night, we went to look for a 'happy muzzle' but they didn't fit Evie right. Plus, the woman at the store said that if we truly need one, they will have one for her.

Ok so this AM, we went to our new vet just a few blocks away. We can walk there, which is great. So, of course, I was nervous. I told Evie not to be nervous. We went in and waited. She was great. No shaking like at the other place. Then, we met the vet - a woman named Dr. Hunter. She totally ignored Evie, which is perfect. The first thing I said to her was 'We are very nervous this morning." haha. I'm sure I looked funny saying that. I was sweating. So, she said that we could put the muzzle on Evie just in case. She gave Evie squirt cheese - remember that stuff? Evie ate it off her finger which was good!

She was fine w/ the muzzle on. She was fine with it off. I think that the more we go, the better it will get - for both her and I. They said we can stop by once a week and just come in and get a treat so that Evie associates the Vet with a good thing. I like that idea.

Here's Evie looking pensive after her vet visit. ha


This weekend, I cleaned out my drawers & closet. They were both overflowing with clothes that I do not wear. I have had some of these items for-ev-er. We're talking Jcrew sweaters from like 2000. Yeah. Jcrew has changed a LOT since 2000, so you can imagine what I had. I literally tried everything on for Erik and he said yeah or nay. I got a lot of 'nays'. A lot of my stuff is outdated and childish. It just doesn't suit me anymore. Why the heck have I been holding onto it? Thankfully, I am sending a lot of it to a good cause - For Jamie's Sake in Kentucky. I hope that foster kids can come through and pick up some of my stuff and have some nice stuff to wear.

In other news, I know am going to figure out what I want to wear and be choiceful with what I buy. Buying certain items are comfortable to me i.e. polo shirts yet not necessarily what I like best anymore. So funny that this went down this weekend because I just read an article with the Creative Director at JCrew and look what she says - so timely:

“Preppy” style is often mentioned in the same breath as J.Crew. Is today’s preppy different from yesterday’s?
I have a hard time with the word “preppy.” To me, it’s a way of styling. Classic things mixed a certain way—especially special color combinations—look very preppy. We still have the same pieces: polo shirts, khakis, a great classic blazer, a beautiful white shirt. But what we’ve been trying to do is change the way things are presented. Maybe that little cargo jacket that we would have shown ten years ago with a polo shirt we’re now showing with a little sequin top and high heels. And the thing about preppy is it can be alienating to some people. It’s very coastal and it leaves out a lot of Americans who aren’t yachting or going to the beach club.

So you might see me in the same stuff for awhile as I try to build a new wardrobe!

Monday, March 22, 2010


I really am NOT motivated to do any work today. I have a lot to do & don't want to do it. Tonight, I want to go for a long three mile walk with Evie or get a manicure but I also want to get her a muzzle. I don't really want to get her a muzzle, but I have to have a Plan B in case she is too nervous at the vet. But, get this. I had my worries over the new vet and when they called me today to remind me of the appt, they assigned us to the female vet. I think the universe heard me and gave me the female vet to make it easier on us.

So, I think we will go get the muzzle and then go for a walk. And possibly do laundry, my favorite thing to do. Not. And Dancing With The Stars starts tonight. The first few episodes are pretty funny b/c people are nervous and mess up.

I looked at the weather for Boston this weekend and it looks nice - sunny and 50's. Can't wait!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I had a bunch of 7 year olds today at the gymnastics gym. One girl told me she got $106 from the Tooth Fairy for two teeth. I thought, wow - either the tooth reward has gone thru some inflation over the years or this girl has no clue what she is talking about. I'm sure it's the latter.


It was good to be home this weekend. My friend Amanda was here on Friday for job interviews so we met up. We did some shopping in Union Square then we walked Evie through Alamo Sq. Then, we went up to Umami for sushi. Soooooo good. The best part was she expensed dinner! haha

On Saturday, we had to go to our storage unit. What a pain to go but we got some more random stuff out of our apt. We also went out to lunch. Then, we went to my friend's fundraiser for her half-marathon. $3 drinks are not bad! Finished the night by getting pizza at Za Pizza. Our first time there & it was pretty good.

Today, I am off to work at the gymnastics gym. This is a short work week for me since I am leaving for Boston on Thurs. Erik is going to Tahoe again & Evie gets to go back to camp!

Unfortunately, I have to have another talk with my boss on Monday. She got herself involved in one of my projects without telling me and messed it up. Now, I have to sit down with her again, and tell her to stay out of my projects. Anyone else see something wrong with telling your boss twice in 6 mos how to work with me? Our director that is above her agrees with me that she needs to stay out of things & has to also talk to her. Unreal.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Movie Reviews

Ugh watched two more crappy movies. I am thinking of canceling Netflix again because a)I dont watch the movies fast enough b)all the movies I get, I don't really like c)why spend $10 a month to be disappointed. Do any of you have Netflix & do you likey?

Anyway - The movies were:

The Ugly Truth. Boring. Predictable and Katherine Heigel is so annoying. She is so cocky or something. I don't know what it is.

The Invention of Lying. Ricky Gervais is funny but this was just also boring.

Friday, March 19, 2010


It's Friday & its gorgeous out. It will be in the 70's today & this weekend! Last night, it was so nice out. I took Evie up to Buena Vista park for a hike. She was huffing & puffing. She met a dog and they were running around. Then, we went back to the park near our house and she saw more buddies. We stayed out until the sun started to go down & the mosquitos came out.

Is anyone watching the Real Housewives of New York? They are all so dramatic. Bethenny is over the top this season. She is loud mouthed & thinks she is the cats meow. She has no friends anymore. She is successful in her own right with her books and margarita line but girl, don't step on the people to helped you up to where you are now.

Anyway. I might see an old coworker/friend tonight who is in town interviewing for a new job. She is coming from Arkansas just for the night. I think we might meet up later tonight. I haven't seen her since I left the CT office over 2 yrs ago. Tomorrow, we are going to try to get outside and enjoy the weather! Sunday, I have gymnastics parties. This might be my last time doing parties for awhile. They are really busy in the winter so like Nov - April. Then, no one has parties since it's so nice out.

Hope you have a good weekend!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Vet Nervousness

Evie is due for her Bortadella vaccine and I've decided to go to a new vet. Ever since she was bit last year, she shakes when she waits for the vet. Then, we see someone new each time and she did NOT like the guy last time. I think she has bad memories of that place or something. I'm hoping that by going to someplace new, she will be fine again. Plus, with seeing the same person consistently, hopefully she will get to know them & be fine. I'm thinking of getting her a muzzle, just in case. Like this "Happy Muzzle". So Stylish.

Another perk is that this vet is a few blocks from our house, so we can walk to it! We're going on Tuesday so I'll let you know how it goes.


Tennis was so fun last night. What is great is that we were outside on a court and there are only 5 of us in the class, so far. Another reason to love CA - being outside at 8pm in only a zip up sweatshirt. The mosquitos are definitely out though. So, the tennis skirt is out of the question. I would get bit up and also look crazy. hah. Maybe if I take the next level of lessons.

So, this is truly beginner lessons. We learned forehand yesterday & just volleyed for most of the time. Next time, we learn backhand. If I want more advanced lessons & technique, I will have to take the 'Tennis with a Pro' class.

I am going to get a new racket. I found one on Craigslist. Mine is a hand-me-down from a friend from like 10 yrs ago. There is nothing wrong with it, its just a little too big for me. I also found a friend who plays so we might practice sometimes.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today I am working from home. Forget what I said about leaving our messy house for the weekend. I went crazy and cleaned & did the laundry & the sheets. Feel much better. Erik had a hockey game last night. They lost 2-1 in the last minute.

It is soooo beautiful here today. It is sunny and probably between 65-70 with a light breeze. I went outside in yoga pants & a tank top to walk the dog. She was running and running then she would nose dive into the grass and roll around. Everyone is outside & walking around (I swear so many people here either don't work or have non 9-5 jobs).

Tonight, I have my first tennis lesson! I am so excited! I hope they tell us we need to get a tennis skirt. haha.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Whenever we go away for a weekend, I come back and am so out of sorts for the week. The apartment is a mess & we have no groceries. I've decided to just leave the house a mess until Saturday when we have time to clean it. Tonight, Erik has a hockey game and tomorrow, I have my first tennis lesson! Oh well. I am already looking forward to this weekend to just chill & regroup. Can you believe that next weekend, I am going to Boston? I am traveling a lot but it's all for fun! hah.

What is up with people putting their sonograms up as their Facebook photos? That seems a little weird to me. To each his own.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Venice: Sunday

Instead of staying in PS on Sunday, we decided to head back to LA and check out Venice & Malibu. It was soooo nice & sunny out.

Venice Beach

Everyone was out laying in the sun & surfing

And, yes, it is Muscle Beach. Check out this gym in the middle of the beach. No, wait. Check out this huge man in a blue speedo working out. Yes. It happened.

Me "working out" in Venice

Now Erik's turn

We strolled down the boardwalk. Part of it is full of crappy stores with t-shirts and sunglasses.

And....for those of you who have seen "I Love You, Man", we stopped off to have some 'fish tacos'. Sadly, they were not 'the tits'. I've had better!

What a great time we had. It was so awesome that we could hop on a plane for a 50 minute plane ride and be down to these great spots. Now that I've seen the light about living in CA, this made me happy.

Palm Springs: Saturday

On Saturday, we spent alllll day at the tennis center. We saw some great matches!! First up Davydenko. Sadly, he had to withdraw from the competition yesterday because of a broken wrist!

Chillin & watching Kuznetsova who LOST.

It was hot and sunny out!

Kuznetsova serving

Then, we went to watch Roddick/Blake in doubles. This is only their 4th time playing doubles together. We had to wait to get into one of the small stadiums to see them but it was totally worth it. The highlight of my day/life came when I was just 3ft from Andy. Erik was waiting in line to get into the stadium & I walked around the corner to see if there was a shorter line on the other side. As I am walking up, the golf cart with the players pulls up and Andy Roddick got off and was standing right in front of me. I was in shock. If I could function, I wouldve pulled out my camera and been snapping in his face. haha. Ahhhh I love him.

Andy Murray

Andy & James

Roddick Serving. I have like 100 pics of him.

We finished the day watching Nadal play. He won, of course.

Sunset at the stadium

We also saw some awesome people on the practice courts - Dementieva, Del Potro. You could walk right up to the fence.

It was such a great day!!

Afterwards, we had dinner at Circ59 at a resort near by. It was pretty good. Reminded me of the Delano in Miami. Had a huge open pool you could sit by and the doors open in the dining room.