Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Weekend: Saturday

On Saturday, we drove down to Paso Robles. It is about 3 hours south of SF. We stopped in a couple of wineries for wine tastings. Paso Robles is more relaxed and cheaper than Napa, that is for sure!

First up was Red Soles Winery. This place was so cute! It is named Red Soles because the owners stomped their own grapes during the first time they made wine, and the soles of their feet turned red! Now, all of their wines have something to do with shoes or feet. My favorite wine was their white Flip Flop wine! We bought a bottle & got a free Flip Flop coaster with it!

After Red Soles, we took the advice of the Winemaker and headed to Hearthstone. At this winery, we really liked the Lodestone wine & took a bottle home. We even stopped by the farm next store to say hello to the horse!

After Hearthstone, we finished the day at Per Bacco. This was a really casual winery & the tasting area was in the barrel room. They were having a BBQ outside and had appetizers out. We loved the Rosetto wine and also bought a bottle here. haha. I definitely got a lot of wine on this birthday! The great thing was the bottles were sooooo reasonably priced!

After all of the wine, we checked into the hotel and went to dinner. We ended up ditching our reservations and went to a restaurant recommended to us by the hotel staff. This weekend was really all about going on recommendations!

We had a great dinner at Ventana Grill in Pismo Beach. I had the
Tequila Mango Yellow Fin Ahi Tuna: sesame cilantro crust, tequila mango vinaigrette, citrus dressed iceberg wedge and Erik had the Alaskan Halibut & Chips: dos equis battered, potato wedges, horseradish cocktail, lemon caper tartar sauce, chamoy vinaigrette dressed greens.

Everything was so delicious and we had a great table overlooking the water! We had such a wonderful day.

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