Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ahhh Thursday

Today was another busy day at work. I did leave early though around 430 so since I was the only one in the office. Tomorrow, I am working from home since both of my co-workers will be on vacation.

Tomorrow, I am flying into LAX to meet Amy. We are going to go see the Hollywood walk of fame, have happy hour at some famous hotels, and have dinner at Geisha House. We are going to stay in Santa Barbara for the weekend. I can't wait for some sun, beach, and NO FOG. The gray, mist that just sits over SF in the AM and late afternoon is killing me!

Anyway, we will be having a fun in the sun weekend!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today was such a long day. I had to be AT the Client, in Oakland, at 9am. I had to shift my whole morning so that I was at the bus by 8, on the train by 830, and over there by 9. It was a pain. To make things worse, i was there until 1pm. It is so depressing over there. The building is like form the 70's or something - so bland and it's so quiet over there. blah.

I was so tired when I came home. I was in my coat and just laid on my bed with Evie for a little while. Then, I tried to make fried green tomatoes. We got some green tomatoes at the farmers market on Sunday. However, they are heirloom tomatoes - not unripe regular tomatoes. Therefore, when you cook them, they just fall apart. They were still good - just not how I know fried green tomatoes.

Evie was fine all day. I took her out, she ate grass & puked. Then, we came home & she was acting totally fine. I don't get it. I wish she could talk!! She will be alone with her Daddy this weekend while I go to LA. I hope they have fun together.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


To continue our Tues night dinners out, tonight we went out for burgers at Flippers. I love this place. I always get the same thing - a turkey burger with sprouts & cheddar. SO good. With curly fries and RANCH dressing.

Green or Blue

If you guys see any of the following out on your travels, will you let me know where you see them:

Navy or Kelly Green oven mits
Navy area rug
Navy or Kelly Green placemats
Navy or Kelly Green dish towels

Or any of the above in navy or white or kelly green polka dot.



Well I love during the week get togethers. They make the week so much more happier. Betsy came over last night & I made chicken piccata & it was Bachelorette finale. Woohoo.

I thought Evie was sick yesterday. She has had bad breath for 3 days and eating grass. Bad breath means they have tooth decay or a GI problem. She was passed out all day, which is another sign she is ill. Then, last night, she was back to her old self. So - I will watch her but I think she is ok.

We also got her glands done yesterday. We have to go every 3 weeks. That is $34/mo and sometimes will be $70/mo if it falls 2x in one month. I am seriously contemplating doing this myself. The vet techs always ask me if I want to learn. I will have do it outside. where though - the dmv parking lot? hah. maybe. I will have to wear nasty clothes b/c apparently the stink of the stuff that comes out will make you puke. wonderful.

Here is a funny convo Erik & I had yesterday:

me "i think i might start doing her glands for her. I think she would like it if I did it instead of bringing her to the vet."

erik "would you like it if a stranger stuck their finger up your butt once a month?"

me "youre right. i wouldnt. i will think about just doing it myself for her."


Sunday, July 26, 2009


We had a very relaxing weekend. On Friday, I went out with Betsy to a friends bday party at a bar. It was a good time because the bar had amazing Filipino food and a jutebox!

On Saturday, we slept in LATE. I never sleep in late. We just did chores and cleaning. We went to happy hour down the street and then watched a movie.

Today, I did laundry & took Evie to Alamo Sq. Sundays are relaxing, lazy days. Summers are not busy at the gymnastics gym and that is fine by me! I am making pasta primavera for dinner. Yum!

This week will be busy but hopefuly more relaxed. Lauren & I are on our own since our boss is on vacation. One of our clients is out too. So we will be working from home some days. Then, Friday, I am going to LA!! Woohoo!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hellooooo Weekend!

The Weekend is here.We do not have any plans really. I hope to relax and do some chores around the house because I will not be home the next two weekends. Erik will have some man time and I will be taking my Tour de California to Santa Barbara & San Diego for a wedding.

Anyway, it's supposed to be sunny here which is great news. Tonight, I am planning on actually making it out and not going to bed when I get home, like last week!

Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Week

....has been so busy. You know that guy from our other office that I CANNOT STAND. Well, he came up this week. he was such a pain in the ass. I'm sorry but he is strange, akward, weird, and not doing a good job. He sucks. He doesn't know what he is talking about. He doesn't remember anything. He is never prepared. We were in a Client meeting and he didn't have timelines with him and they were asking him all of these questions that I had to answer for him. He said, thanks for bailing me out. Um, NOT a good luck for someone who has been on the job for 4 months. GET IT TOGETHER!!! UGH. Enough about him.

Anyway. This week has been busy. Tonight, Erik and I went to the launch party for my friend Kira's dog clothes line. It was at this little dog boutique and there was wine & food. She is really working hard to get this line off of the ground.

Anyway, the weather here is COLD. It was misty, gray, and 56 tonight. I saw a lot of tourists today in shorts & SF winter coats that they prob bought on the street. People do not realize that just because we are in CA, doesn't mean it is warm!

Book Review: Everyone is Beautiful

Just finished another book called Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center. This book was a fiction book about a married couple with 3 kids. Mostly it was about their struggle to stay a happy couple after they had 3 kids. They were both trying to be happy on their own besides be parents. I guess Moms with kids would appreciate this story. It was also a story about a search for the love that brought them together in the first place. This was just an easy read. I picked it up on a whim. I think the books I pick up on a whim are ones I like the most!

Crazy of the Day

The bodies of a Walnut Creek woman and her son were found on Friday at the top of Mount Diablo. Their deaths appears to be the result of a mother-son murder-suicide. Judith Williams, 51, and her son Adam, 16, were found by authorities late last week after the two went for a hike. According to NBC Bay Area/Bay Area News, the scene looked premeditated as well. "They were there for several hours before Judith Williams apparently shot her son in the chest and the head and then shot herself in the head," NBC reports. Andy, it seems, was also very popular at his high school: played on the football team, played the saxophone. Also, the mom "appeared to have been having some financial problems and was upset about issues in a relationship between her ex-husband, Adam's father, and his new wife," which might have led to her snapping

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MUNI Crash

So, we had a bus crash here this weekend. It was actually a train that is part of the bus system. Check out this video of the crash. this is crazy!

Evie's Puppy Friend

Evie saw her white, boxer, puppy friend tonight - Jasper. Jasper is about 4 or 5 mos old. He is ridiculous. His legs are too big for his little body and he gallops around. Evie loves puppies though. She picks up a stick and gives it to Jasper to hold onto so they can tug. Jasper's teeth are too small to hold on though. Evie is very patient with puppies and is gentle. They were chasing each other and rolling around. Jasper was sitting on her back. It was hilarious. He is SO super cute. Here is a pic of what he kind of look likes.

Slanted Door

Tonight, we had a 'team' dinner at Slanted Door. I have never been to Slanted Door but it is one of the most popular & talked about restaurants in SF. Per Open Table, "Slanted Door is a modern Vietnamese restaurant that showcases the abundance of produce as well as ecologically farmed meat, game and poultry found at farms around the San Francisco Bay Area."

I have to say, I was not blown away. We had:
-Yellow Tail appetizer
-Veggie rolls appetizer
-Glass noodles with crab
-A chicken with nuts dish
-A beef dish that I did not eat
-Tiger Prawns

Everything was served family style. It was all very good - just not out of this world. I probably wouldn't go back. It is right on the water overlooking the Bay Bridge which is nice.

Santa Barbara

I am so excited! Next weekend, I am going to Santa Barbara! Amy is going to be down there for work so I am going to fly down & join her. I have never been here.

If you have been there, do you have any suggestions on where we should go or eat, or things to do??

Little Star

Tuesday nights are when Erik is off from work. Usually, he has hockey but the season is over. We have been going out for dinner in our neighborhood the past few Tuesdays. It is a nice break in the week and nice to get out of work and go relax.

We went to Little Star Pizza. Everyone loves this place. They do thin crust & deep dish pizza. I think this place is good but not comparable to East Coast pizza. NOTHING compares to BAR in New Haven, in my opinion. We got two small pizzas: one thin crust with peppers and mushrooms and a veggie deep dish. With a $5 glass of Sangiovese, it was a great dinner.

It's no east coast pizzeria but it's pretty good!

Judge Mathis, again

The producer from Judge Mathis called me yesterday to see if I was interested in going on the show. I have to email her and tell her no thanks. How freaking funny is this. I can't belive it. That letter is going in Evie's scrapbook. haha


I started Pink Polka Dot awhile ago to let our friends & family know what we were up to in SF. Then, I started adding the deals I found and just random thoughts. Well, I decided to keep them separate. If you want to read about what we do in SF, the dog, where we eat, what we do on the weekend, visit this blog.

If you want random thoughts, deals, etc. go here - My Other Blog.

I think

My boss went on an interview today. She didn't have to go to the client, was dressed up, and had a 'meeting from 12-130'. I can see her calendar and she blocked the event during that time so I could only see 'Private Event'. Shaaaaady!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Judge Mathis

Well, I was surprised to get a letter in the mail on Friday from the Judge Mathis show. This is hysterical. Basically, it is from a show Producer. It says they were searching public small claims records and think my cases sounds interesting. They want to fly me to Chicago to be on TV. How freaking funny is that!! Too bad, the case is closed. Plus, how would I ever convince the defendant to fly to Chicago to be on TV?! so funny.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well after 2 packed weekends, we did hardly anything this weekend. On Friday, I was so exhausted and had such a headache. I came home and got in bed and took a nap until 7pm. Even when I woke up, I was out of it. I had pizza, some red wine, and went back to bed at like 11pm.

On Saturday, we went to the Renegade Craft Fair. This was the 2nd year in SF and there were way more vendors and way more people attending this year. We saw alot of stuff with animal heads & human bodies - like shirts, note cards, etc. Whats up with that? I got two CUTE things. One was a dress that was 70% off and I got it for like $30 and the other is this super cute whale sweatshirt.

After the fair, we came home to rest. Evie was squished on the couch with me. Then, we went to dinner at Flour + Water.

Today, we hiked part of Lands End. We have never stopped by the War Memorial so we did today. They have a piece of the ship which is cool to see.

After the usual Sunday nap, I went to Trader Joe's. I saw our Mayor Gavin Newsom & his wife shopping for groceries. They live in our neighborhood somewhere. Well, not like next door. But up near the park.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Luna's Visit

Erik's family came to visit last week. It was great to have them here. We took them to North beach for dinner, Napa, a Giants Game, and Erik drove them through Golden Gate Park. It was a great visit!

Giants game. It was HOT & sunny but sadly, the Giants lost :-(

Nice hand


Honig, my 2nd fave place in Napa

Miner Winery

Alpha Omega, my #1 fave in Napa

The Luna men

The fam

Do they look like twins?

Flour + Water

Tonight, Erik and I went to Flour + Water. It is a new pizza place in SF boasting about their thin crust pizza. Being the East Coast pizza snobs that we are, we went to see if it was indeed, EC pizza. Here is my review for YELP:

We were excited to try Flour + Water due to all the great reviews. We heard about their thin crust pizza and being pizza snobs from the East Coast, wanted to try their thin crust pizza. We started with the lemon cucumber, summer bean salad. The citrus dressing was great. Then, we tried the margherita pizza & it was pretty bland. It was also not that thin crust. I don't recommend getting this. Next, we had the corzetti stampati pesto pasta. This was really good. Recommend this. We finished with the olive oil cake, vanilla ice cream, & strawberry dessert. Excellent.

This restaurant has a great wine list. We sat at the bar and the bartender was awesome - very helpful. We just didn't think the food was that great and probably won't come back.

Last Pics

Here is the last of the pictures. We took a TON!!!

Giant Mt. Rainier. So pretty!!

We stopped by Jimi Hendrix grave

This is what cupcakes look like when you don't use a cupcake pan. We called them Odd ball cakes.

Can you believe this was our rental car? We called it the Hoopty.

On our last night, we had a dinner at Ray's in Seattle. I recommend going here if you are in Seattle!! We had a great trip!

Boat Cruise & Underground Tour

We took a cruise of the Sound and it was so nice to see the city from the water. WE also did a really fun Underground Tour. Basically, Seattle was built and then re-built. They built above the old city and we got to go underground and see the old tunnels & buildings. It was awesome.

Space Needle:

Views from the Needle. I didn't go up but Erik & TL did.

Underground Tour:

Oldest bar in Seattle