Sunday, January 6, 2013

More Jamber Time

After our walk on Saturday, we went to storage to put the Christmas tree and decorations away. Then, we stopped at 21st Amendment brewery for a drink. Erik tried Red IPA, Back and Black IPA, and a Five South IPA. I had a Trumer Pils. I don't really care for the beers there all that much. We did have some wings which were yummy!

After the Amendment, we went back to Jamber for dinner. When we stopped in for drinks last week, we saw their delicious menu and wanted to try it. First, I had a wine flight of two Zinfandels, a Petite Syrah, and a Granache. 

  This Zinfandel was my fave!
We had these awesome "tater tots" of potato, parmesan, and rosemary with an aioli dipping sauce. So good! We also each got chicken pot pie which was great. The only thing we didn't love was the dessert that Erik had. It was an apple crisp but more like half baked apple bits with granola over it. Oh well!

We headed home to watch more Californication on DVD. Another series we got sucked into but it's crazy/pretty good. Hope you had a good Saturday!

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