Thursday, December 30, 2010

Movie Reviews: Going The Distance & 17 Again

On the plane to NY, we each had our own tv's at our seat. I watched Going The Distance with Justin Long(Gerritt) & Drew Barrymore(Erin). I really like Drew Barrymore. I know she annoys a lot of people, probably like how Nicole Kidman bugs me. In this movie, Erin is in NYC for the summer & meets Gerritt. They fall for each other but then she has to go back to CA to finish grad school. The movie is about their long distance relationship and how they deal with being 3,000 miles apart.

I loved Gerritt's friends in this movie. Charlie Day who is in 'Always Sunny in Philadelphia' and Jason Sudeikis from SNL were hilarious in this movie. Also, Christina Applegate played Erin's sister and was also good in this.

This is a cute, romantic comedy where you want these two to work things out and figure out a way to be together. Recommend!

While lounging in the family room yesterday, we watched 17 Again. I have never seen anything with Zac Efron in it but I thought he was great in this. Also, Matthew Perry is in this and we haven't seen him in anything in a loooong time.

This is the story of a Mike: Got his girlfriend pregnant in high school, lost his opportunity to play college baseketball, and make his life into something great. After 18 yrs of marriage, him & his wife are getting a divorced. After visiting his kids school to pick them up, he wishes he could go back to HS to relive his life and get a do-over.

He returns to his 17 year old self. He gets a second chance in HS, but he is attending HS WITH his teenage kids. He realizes that going back isn't more for him, but more to help out his kids to get thru HS.

This movie was pretty funny. When you put a 40 yr old brain in a 17 yr old, there are bound to be adult lessons that will be dispensed on the teenagers. I mean, if you knew what you know now and went back to HS, it would be a much different place!

I thought this was cute & funny so I recommend.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Birthday Hockey

Well, we got quite a snowstorm on Sunday into Monday. It was snowing like crazy out & super windy. Snow was flying around everywhere. However, we had tickets to the Soundtigers/Whale game which we had purchased for my Dad's birthday. So, we braved the roads down to the game.

We had great seats since there was hardly anyone there! Maybe 200 people showed up.

There was one fight during the game but it was a pretty tame game...

Here's Dad & I

We had fun just hanging out, drinking beer & watching the game!

It was a fun game & we made it in the snow! We got home safe & then spent the rest of the night in the house. It was fun to be snowed in and watch tv, hang out with Kimmy!

The end of the year

Can you believe 2010 is over? I am still so surprised that this year went by so fast. It was a great year. 2009 was a year of worry & uncertainty and I felt like this year was so much happier and fun. We had a great year!! Here are some of my favorite things from 2010:

Travel! We went to Tahoe, Palm Springs, Healdsburg, CT, Vermont, Boston, Long Beach/LA/Hollywood, & Disney Land!




New Orleans

New Orleans


Trips to Napa and lots of WINE

Tennis, Tennis, & More Tennis.

BNP Paribas in Palm Springs

Took Tennis Lessons. Went to the US Open.

New Volunteer opportunities - Habitat!

And of course....Bingo!


Turned 30!

We got ENGAGED!!!

Exploring with Evie

This year, we tried to take a lot of long walks in new neighborhoods. Along the way, we stumbled upon new stores, restaurants, parks and saw different areas of the city. It was fun to explore with her and get our exercise in!

2009 was a year filled with worry & concern. 2010 was a year of feeling grateful and blessed. When you think of of the bad stuff going on in the world or even your neighborhood, it is easy to see how happy we all should be for having all that we do and being able to give back. A great quote for the year is:
"Happiness is not so much in having or sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
--Sir Norman Duckworth Kerr MacEwen

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day Part 2

After opening gifts at Erik's house, we went to my parents for gifts and dinner. We had 11 people at dinner this year so it was very fun. First, we opened gifts with our family. I got an awesome new flat iron for my hair, jeans, new slippers, an Iphone case, shoes, and more!

Ready to open my gifts...Notice my hair is a mess but after I use my new flat iron, how straight it is :-)

Tons of food, of course! We had cheese, spinach/artichoke dip, veggies, and chips & dip.

Kimmy made us all place cards which were super cute!

CUTE gift I got from Kimmy. Tennis wine charms!

There was wine & lots of it....

Testing the wine out

Erik, Scott, & Chris

Sisters, Sisters

Dad carved the turkey while the dog, Shiloh, looked on from below hoping for something to drop

Time to eat! We had turkey, ham, and crab stuffed shrimp plus sides. We were all so stuffed!

Grandma, Me, Kaitlin

Me & Kaitlin

Kimmy & Grandpa

Adorable Christmas Tree cupcakes that Kaitlin made!

Funny gift. Kimmy gave Erik a sweatshirt from our high school, that she got IN high school. They found it in the basement one year and he has been asking to have it for years. Now, it's finally his.

We opened more gifts after dinner. Everyone was very, very blessed this year in all that we gave & received.

This picture cracks me up! I don't know what we are laughing at but it was funny.

Scott & Kimmy

Chris & Kaitlin

Me & Erik

We set up one of the new cameras that was a gift and took a group photo. I think it came out well! What a fun day & night. We all ate a lot & laughed a lot.

While it takes a lot for everyone to get together, make the food, travel here & there, it really is all worth it. We feel very blessed that we are able to spend the holiday with our family & have an abundance of everything.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day Part 1

Christmas Morning, we had breakfast & opened gifts with Erik's family.

Erik got some awesome gifts including a new wet suit!! I got a beautiful sweater & a gift card which will definitely be put to use.

You know we are getting older when Jaime gets housewares such as a new coffee maker!

Ahahaha - Christmas pajamas.

The family cat - Sammy. He's so cute.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was Mom's Birthday! First up, Kimmy & I took her out to lunch. After that, we putzed around Christmas Tree Shops before heading our separate ways for Christmas Eve Dinners.

I went over to Erik's family's house for dinner. We had sooooo much food & wine. 'Tis the season to eat like a King!
Erik's cousin, Lu, fried a turkey & it was delish!

Erik's cousins Matthew & Aiden looking adorable in their Christmas PJ's!

Us with the cute!! They were ready for Santa!

We stayed at Erik's house on Christmas Eve. It was such a great day!!