Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunny Lunch & Harley

The Asian Salad was SO good!! Definitely recommend trying the recipe.

I met up with Kira and her dog Harley for lunch today. We sat outside & it was nice and sunny. He is super cute! See his little neck tie? She makes them through her dog clothes company, Scutte.


Today is sunny & less windy which equals a better bike ride to work! Today, I made an asian salad for lunch. Another recipe from, Recipe Girl. We'll see how this one is. I crushed up peanuts & almonds in the food processor to put in the salad in place of the turkey. I haven't really been eating meat - just fish. This salad has spinach, cabbage, carrots, cilantro, scallion, tomato, and the chopped nuts. Also, made a little asian dressing to go with it.

Took Evie out this AM and then she came and sat in the bathroom giving me this weird look while I dried my hair. Not sure what she wanted. She doesn't like the hairdryer if I try to blow dry her. She does like when I brush her though. I think she was waiting to be brushed.

Today is beautiful out & looks to be a great weekend!! Tonight, my friend Lisa & I are giong to see a play, The Diary of Anne Frank. I loved the book & hope to go to Amsterdam to see Anne's attic some day. Only interesting thing I saw about this play so far is that Anne has a Black Dad. Weird. haha. Should be a good time! Two shows in one week!


So the bike TO work went great. The bike HOME was tough. It was super windy and like I said, its an incline to get home. I was so tired. The wind was blowing me all over. I had to stop a few times. But, I made it home. I didn't walk the bike at all. It will get easier.

After getting home, I took Evie out for an hour. She saw her buddy Jasper. Jasper is the white 1 year old Boxer. He can do so many tricks! He can spin, bark on command, jump on command, and give high five. Evie only knows sit, down, paw, up. I want to teach her hi-five but I dont know if she has that much shoulder flexibility. haha. I also want to teach her to play dead.

After that, I went to play tennis with Lindsay for an hour. I didn't do too bad but lost 6-3. Oh well, good to practice. After dinner & watching the Real Housweives of NY, I was exhausted. We were passed out on the couch with the space heater when Erik came home.

Oh my god - get this. Erik got the police scanner app for iphone. You all know how i love to know what is going on & dream of being a dispatcher someday. Well, now we can sit and listen to the calls coming in. hahaha. Too funny. We make fun of people who do this & now, here we are. Our kids are going to be so embarassed of us some day.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pretzal Balls!

I saw these in Walgreens and for the sale price of $2.19, had to get them. They are so yummy. A little salty thought. The serving size is 30 balls for like 110 calories. I'd say you could eat 20 and be fine. The salt got to me by 30. They're so cute!!

Crazy of the Day

Last night, I was driving around looking for a parking spot after tennis. I came upon this scene. This photo was taken after I parked and got the dog for a walk. When I saw it, two cars were smashed into each other in the middle of the rode. Wonder if there was a third one that hit the bus shelter. IT was totally smashed into tons of pieces of glass and the crew was cleaning it up. What a mess.

This intersection is not on a main road and is not that difficult to navigate. Someone had to have been going really fast for all of this to happen. Scary!

Biked to Work!!

I did it. This AM, I biked to work! It was awesome. It took about 15 mins. It WAS windy so I have to remember to wear sunglasses so my eyes don't water. I wasn't sweaty and got here so early. Now, I know I can leave the house at 830 and still be here before 9. Can't say the same for the bus! How nice it was not to be crowded up against other people in a hot bus. I will HAVE to get Erik to take a pic of me on the bike, with the basket loaded up & the helmet. It is funny.

This week is going great. It feels long but I have been doing fun things. Yesterday, I worked from home. The weather was so weird - rain for 10 min, then sun. Repeat. Evie made a new friend in the park - a 5 month old named Olive. She LOVES puppies. I'm convinced she is still acting like a puppy b/c she didnt get a proper puppyhood.

Last night, I had tennis. Again, just Brooke & I showed up. It WAS cold and a little windy. We played singles again. This time, we stopped at a tie 5-5.

Tonight, I'm playing tennis again with my friend Lindsay. She is much better than me but it's good to practice.

Movie Review: Everybody's Fine

Watched 'Everybody's Fine' last night. Do not recommend. It was really depressing & sad at the end. Basically De Niro has 4 kids and just lost his wife. The kids & him were never close so he is totally disconnected to what is really going on with them. So, he decides to surprise each one with a visit. They all don't want him to visit & lie to him about what is really going on in their lives. It's so depressing. I felt bad for De Niro.

The only good thing about this movie was Drew Barrymore & Kate Beckinsale's hair. So pretty. haha.

I would not waste your time on this one.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Banana Beer

This weekend, we tried Banana Beer. ICK! It was not good. It smelled like banana bread but the combo with beer, just did not taste good!


I love Tuesdays. Erik is home and we can have dinner together & hang out. Yesterday, we went up to the sports store to get a bike lock. It's official - I now have my bike, basket, lock & helmet which means I am all set to bike to work!!

The sports store is up in Chrissy Field which is a gorgeous huge field & beach near the Golden Gate Park. Evie looooves going there. So, we brought her over to the beach & she was running in the water. She loved it. It was also one of those moments when I go, I am so happy I live here. I get to come up to the GGB and run around with Erik & Evie.

We came home and had halibut tacos. So yummy!!! Also, the Bachelor went home on DWTS. And, he cried. I can't stand that guy. I'm glad he is gone. He was ambitious but annoying! I also tried to stay awake for Glee but that did not happen.

Erik and I were sitting on the little couch and of course, Evie had to squeeze herself on the couch. Too funy. I do love when we are all home together as a little family squeezed on the couch together.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Peter Pan Show

Peter Pan was so much fun!! The show is done in a big white tent. They use the side & roof of the tent to change the scenery. It was really cool. It felt like we were in a 3D movie. The kids in the show hooked up to wires so that they could fly through the different scenes on their way to Neverland.

It was a dress rehearsal which was fun. This show doesn't officially start until later this week. So, we did see a couple problems with the show. They stopped about a quarter of the way through because someones aerial lift wasn't working right. Then, the pirates were carrying something off stage & the stairway fell and one guy fell! Overall, it was a good show. Honestly, I wasn't going to pay to go see this but for free tickets, it was good!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Test Ride

Today, I took a test ride with Erik downtown on my bike. It was fun! It is all downhill to get to work so I didn't even break a sweat. Now, getting home its a steady incline but it is not like the SF hills you are probably thinking of. It's probably like the hill on the street at my parents house for those of you who know it.

Anyway, my bike is a cruiser bike. Beach cruiser. Back breaks. No gears. And, it's fine. I figure that I'll ride this bike and then move up into a better bike. No sense in getting a fancy bike to never ride it. We know how I roll - jump in head first and then abandon whatever it is in a few weeks.

I got a basket for the front today. Erik is going to put it on for me tomorrow. If he gets me a lock tonight, I will be riding to work tomorrow. How exciting!!!

Peter Pan

I am sooooo excited. Tonight, I am going to see Peter Pan!! I WON ticket last week through a Twitter contest. So, Kira & I are heading down to see it tonight. Can't wait. I will let you know how it is!! It is just coming over from London.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Another amazing weather day! We got up early to do the Walk for MS.

This view never, ever gets old.

These are Hopper's Hands. Hopper was a real guy who was an Iron Worker on the GG Bridge

Almost at the finish!

We put a note on the Wall of Hope

There are too many notes on here. Too many people with MS. Today someone from UCSF announced that they are going to start major research on a new treatment for MS. Very exciting!!

After the walk, we went outside. I tested out my bike in the parking lot. I was holding Evie on the leash and she was running next to me. Then, Erik got the rollerblades out and she pulled him and chased me on the bike. She was exhausted after like 5 minutes!! It was hot out today which I don't think she is used to.

We also hit up the farmers market. We got lobster ravioli! The people that sell the ravioli make it themselves & get the lobster flown in from Maine. Can't wait to have it for dinner!!

Super Saturday

Saturday was gorgeous - sunny & warm!! We went on hike w/ Evie thru Buena Vista Park. She was running around & going crazy.

We were hiding behind trees & she was sprinting around to find us.

She was exhausted when we got home!

Dirty Mouth

Erik climbing the tree

After the walk, we came back up and played tennis. I lost again 6-0, 6-1. At least I got one game against him!

At night, we made our own pizzas again. Sooo yummy. Erik is an awesome pizza dough maker. This time I had red sauce and broccoli on mine. Erik had a ton of stuff like mashed potatoes and onions.

We also watched this cool documentary, Beer Wars. We both love beer, especially craft beers. I do love my Coors Light but I like a lot of smaller beers, too. Harpoon, Sam Adams, Scrimshaw, Sierra Nevada line, etc. This movie basically shows how the Big 3 (Miller/Coors/Bud) have the market share and the little craft brews have to fight for shelf space and attention.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back up Plan & Sunshine Cleaning

Last night was Movie Night. First, we had dinner at Mel's Diner. It's a 50's style diner where the servers are dressed up. They serve tons of different food including the usual burgers, fries & milkshakes. This is our monthly movie night that we started a few months ago. This was probably our most successful one - 8 people joined for Movie Night!!

Then, we saw the new JLO movie, "The Backup Plan". It was hilarious. I love JLo's movies and this one was great. Of course, there were some super cheesy lines, scenes, etc. But I loved it. Also Sookie from Gilmore Girls was in it. She is a good actress. She played such a different part from Sookie and was great.
This week, I also watched another movie "Sunshine Cleaning". I really love Amy Adams. She is such a great actress. I remember first seeing her in Junebug and she was great. It is the story of a single Mom who is trying to make ends meet as a housekeeper. She is having an affair with a local Cop who tips her off to try to cleanup crime scenes. She teams up with her sister and they start cleaning up crime scenes. Of course, they have a rough past, problems come up with the new business, but they have a great family and figure things out. Independent movie & I really liked it!

Im sure you can tell by now that I like quirky, independent films and romantic comedies! haha. Definitely recommend both films and give them A's!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Wow the weather this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous!!

Tonight is Movie Night! Going to see Jennifer Lopez in "The Back-Up Plan". I heard it is funny. I like JLo's movies especially the Wedding Planner.

It is also my 10K for MS Walk!! I'm so excited. I love walking for MS each year. So far I raised just over $600!!

As for tomorrow - not sure what we are up to. We might go on a bike ride to test out my bike or go golfing!

Also, it looks like Evie might be feeling better. I think she must have eaten something bad for her to be puking. We are monitoring her poop. haha.

The Circus

I think I just had an epiphany. My life's work is to help & protect animals. Right now, I am trying to get the word about the Circus. I have known for many years that the circus abuses elephants. Now, I am speaking up about it. Just wrote letters to Senators Boxer & Feinstein to create legislation to ban the circus from coming to CA. Next up, my congressmen and the Governor.

There are many videos out there about the circus showing animal abuse. I won't post them here but you can find them online if you feel like it.

The biggest thing you can do is not go to the circus. If there is no demand for the circus, then they will have to change their ways. This is huge. It will take a lot to get the largest circus in the world to change. I actually don't care if the circus continues, just want them to do it without animals.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Guy on my bus

Had a little Pom dog with him today.

The dog is yawning but doesn't he look nuts? haha


Thursday AM

This morning, I made a big salad for lunch today. It is a Mexican Salad from this great site, Recipe Girl. There is a dressing you make to go with it, too. I made a little variation to the dressing and will have this for lunch. I'll let you know how it is!

I was really running late today. I got up late. Took Evie out - she is not feeling well. Pooped like 3 gross times. Ick. Saw her BFF, Wasabii. Played in the mud. Needed a quick bath. Then I finally made my lunch and got ready.

Also wanted to share this Almond Butter with you guys. It is SO good. It is thick and nutty - not watery like some of them that I've had. Plus, this brand is local and made in Oakland.

Wednesday Part 2

Yesterday, we drove Erik to work since I was working from home and there was a threat of rain. Evie loooves going in the car & sitting in the front seat.

She gets so sleepy though!

"I'm ready for my nap"

Well, it was cold & windy yesterday. I was actually NOT feeling like going to tennis. However, I am so glad I went. Only 2 of us showed up. So, we got to play singles. It was good playing someone my level and I won 6-4!

I was catching up on the DVR last night. Watched Parenthood and two episodes of Oprah. Oprah #1 was people with 'dream jobs'. She had on the Cake Boss, the Creative Director from Jcrew, a florist for the Four Seasons, etc. They all said to find a dream job, figure out what you love to do & make it a career. Hmmmm I love dogs and tennis. Maybe I can teach dogs to play tennis?

Oprah #2 was the OctoMom. This woman has 14 kids. She is the one who had the invitro and had 8 kids. She was totally admitting she was wrong, selfish, immature, etc. Oprah was clearly like not into interviewing her & thought she was nuts. She interviewed her via satellite. I'ts really so sad for the kids - The only income OcotoMom has is thru the media - she sells stories to the magazines. Eventually that is going to run out. Then what? She will be forced to go on state aid but those kids will never have the parent they need. Sad.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life is Short

Today, a man stepped off the curb to hail a cab and is now dead. He was hit by a bus where he got stuck to the front bike rack. The bus rammed into the back of Bus #2. Then, he fell off Bus #1 and bus #1 ran him over. He died later today at SF General Hospital.

Nothing was released about this guy yet. He could have been in town for a business meeting. Someone will have to call his family & tell them he is not coming home. He could be a young guy working his first job out of college or going on a job interview. He could be a Dad late for work who is suddenly gone from his family.

Life is short. One day, you literally could get hit by a bus and be gone. Be thankful for what you have & seriously - look both ways before stepping into the street.


Last night was great - I got my bike and we made our own pizza. Evie & I saw two funny things outside:

Turns out this truck is for a company that makes their own t-shirts.

Aw poor person who lost their guitar and now apparently, their sign. Of course we saw this up near the Haight.

Erik is quite the chef. He made pizza dough AND pesto for us. We made our own pizzas. So delish!

Erik was home last night so we had to compromise the TV. Watch some hockey, some DWTS, and some Parenthood. I don't really ever have to compromise for the TV bc he is not home most nights but we managed. haha.

Today I am working from home. It is cold/rainy/gray out again. come on!! This weather sucks! I hope it doesn't rain for tennis. I will be sad :-(

Got my bike!

It's so cute!!

I am going to practice riding it to downtown & home this week/weekend. Then, start riding to work next week. I need to get a bike lock & a basket to hold my bag!

Pom Juice Giveaway

The Eat Move Love Blog is doing a Pom Juice giveaway. You can win an entire case of Pom Juice! Click HERE to enter!

Crazy of the Day

Yesterday was 4/20. Aka 4:20 aka just another day in SF for the potheads. ha.
And, yes, they convened publically to smoke, a lot.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hot Sauce

I have an obsession with hot sauce. My faves are Frank's and green Tabasco. This green is SO good. They have it at Chipotle. One day I went to get lunch and they didn't have any of the green sauce out. I normally dump 1/2 a bottle on my burrito bowl. So, I asked the employee for the sauce. She handed me a brand new bottle. I turned and walked out with it. hahaha. I figure that I will either use a full bottle at the restaurant or at work so it's not like I stole it.

Then, my co-worker got me a funny birthday gift.....a gallon of:

Green Tabasco!! People see it on my desk and are in disbelief. They ask what it is, where I got it, etc. Too funny.


Tried this flavor Odwalla bar yesterday. Half of this around 4pm helps to keep the hunger at bay so that I can get outside or to the gym without dying for dinner. Good: 4g of protein 5g of fat Bad: a ton of carbs aka sugar. Not sure if this is the best bar but I will keep shopping around to find a good one.


I am trying to eat better & stop being a pig. AKA walking in the house and shoving chips & salsa in my mouth b/c I am starving. It takes time & energy to plan good snacks, & space them out so I'm not ravenous when I get home. I've been reading a lot of food blogs and they are inspiring to eat better, give good ideas, plus recipes!! My fave food blogs are:
Carrots & Cake, Eat, Live, Run, RecipeGirl, and FaAnnetastic Food (who we happen to have gone to college with!)

This week, I'm going to try out some new salads such as the Turkey Asian Salad and Avocado Pine Nut salad. I've also only been eating fish & ground turkey for awhile now. I am not feeling chicken lately. Even eating eggs has been freaking me out lately. Also, trying to eat more veggies. You can get more veggie servings in really easily by adding them to foods. For example, add strawberries to your yogurt. Banana to your oatmeal. Have a side of veggies with every meal. Add in veggies to your baked pasta or lasagna.

With my ground turkey burrito I had last night, I made sure to add in red peppers and had a side of roasted broccoli. This recipe is really yummy. I cant believe how expensive red peppers are. I got 2 for $4. Unreal. I think I might move to buying frozen cut up peppers which can be used for a few different dishes over a week or two for $2. Fresh veggies are expensive!

Ill let you know how the salad recipes turned out!


As I was walking into work today, there was some commotion in the street outside of our building. A guy in motorcycle gear & a helmet was laying in the middle of the street. Turns out he fell off his bike! The ambulance/cops/fire truck pulled up soon after to help him. He was definitely still alive so hopefully he is OK. So crazy.

This morning, it was also raining. Blah. Evie didn't want to go out, of course. But, now the sun is out. Such random weather! Last night, it was cold when I left work and by the time I got home and got outside with Evie, it wasn't so bad. We ran to the gym to see how long it would take. Then, went to the dog park that she likes.

How horrible is Kate Gosselin on DWTS. I mean she is BAD. She better go home this week. I think they keep her around for ratings. She is not very nice to her partner, looks like she is in pain dancing, and just a total grump. I really like Maks & Erin. Pamela Anderson is surprisingly good, too.

I'm still on the hunt for a bike. I want to get a cruiser bike, like this.

Hopefully I can go look at one tonight. I have been emailing people on Craigslist but these bikes sell so fast!