Saturday, January 31, 2009


Have you seen that show, RealSimple Real Life. I love it. The Real Simple team goes to a woman's house and helps her out. They help her dress better, organize or re-do a room or two, help with her with time management and finances. The host is Kit Hoover. Kit is so cute & wears cute, ruffly, feminine outfits. I love her clothes.

So watching the show & Kit makes me think about how I can update my style like hers. And, I realized - It's so simple. She wears a lot of cute blouses with belts. She wears cardigans, jeans, and flats. Well, if you remember - my uniform is short sleeves, cardigan, pants, flats. All I need to do is get some accessories!

So, here's Kit - The Inspiration. Then, I found some cute shirts on Forever 21. But you can see the purple cardigan(have), black top(have), silver flats(have) all I need to update the outfit is a belt. Forever 21 has belts for under $10.

Times are tough & the economy sucks. This is such an easy way to update your wardrobe pretty cheaply. I have seen this tip in many magazines but never really thought much about it. Anyway, you can get cheap accessories at Claire's(no one will know its not real silver or pearls!) and cute shoes at Target($20 flats!). So, this spring, I will not be stressing about wanting to buy the new styles. I am seriously going to just update my current clothes! Thank you Kit Hoover for the inspiration.

Top Companies in Your State

Check this out on CNN Money. Pick your state & it shows you the best companies to work for in your state. Try it, here.

Bistro 9

Erik and I went to a bar for a beer that looked cute, The LIttle Shamrock. I drive past it on my way home from school so we tried it out. We were starving and were in the Sunset neighborhood. This is further down into Golden Gate Park. We never go over here but I realized tonight how much stuff is over there - especially food! We went to this cute little place for dinner, Bistro 9. I had a veggie sandwich which was good.

Friday, January 30, 2009


This weekend is looking nice! I like how suggests what you should do that day. Tonight its going to be 45, so you might want to stay in and install your floor tile.

This is really bad though because we need rain, desperatly. Apparently, we have one of the worst droughts in state history right now & the state might have to start putting rations on water.

Anyway, it is Evie's birthday this weekend! She is turning 3. We will be taking her to the park or beach so she can have some fun. I might get her some special treats and of course, I'll make her wear her party hat(which she HATES).

We are not doing anything for Superbowl. I could care less. In fact, I might scrapbook instead!

Well, have a great weekend!

Vote for Evie

Evie is now in the The Humane Society of the United States' and Humane Society International's Spay Day Online Pet Photo Contest! You can vote for her & donate to the Humane Society ($5 is the min) to help animals.

HGTV Dream Home

Here it is...the annual sweepstakes to win the HGTV house! Just think, if you win & don't want the house, you can opt for the CASH equivalent.

Crazy of the Day

Because SF'ers need a reason to protest. This neighborhood doesn't want an American Apparel coming to town!

The fine folks over at Pirate Cat Radio have organized a rally this Saturday to protest American Apparel's plan to open a clothing store on Valencia Street. Pirate Cat Radio will be broadcasting live from the location, giving attendees the opportunity to voice their concern about the construction of an American Apparel clothing store 988 Valencia St. ATA and Mission residents will join Pirate Cat Radio in expressing the significant interest in the Mission District protect the economic integrity of Valencia street.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

100 SF Things to Eat

7x7, a SF magazine, did an article of '100 foods to try in SF' - Some look exciting, others do not.


I am so excited! We are planning a trip to Seattle for 4th of July. We are renting a house for a few days on the sound. Yippee!!

Crazy of the Day

Arnold Schwarzenegger....

Going against the wishes of state workers' unions that said the governor's plan to save $1.3 billion with unpaid time off was both illegal and unconstitutional, Judge Patrick Marlette ruled this morning that Schwarzenegger can order two furlough days a month. That is to say, Arnold can now force state workers to take days off a month without pay. "The current circumstances constitute an emergency," said Marlette, citing California's budget crisis and lack of funds.

Linens & Things Final Blowout

As you know, LNT is going out of business. Finally, they put everything on 70-90% off.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

GAP - Spring

The GAP has some cute, colorful stuff for spring! I will be waiting for everything to be on sale before buying anything.

Evie In the Bed

I have had Evie for almost 2 years. I got her when she was 1 and she is turning 3 this weekend. We never established where Evie should sleep because for the few mos that I had her before we moved, she lived in a million places. She went from the shelter director's house, to the shelter, to my Mom's, to my house, back to my Mom's(while I packed to move), then to CA with us. When we got to the new apartment, she just got in the bed with us so we let her. Bad move. We tried to kick her out but she cries and cries that we give in. I tried to put her bed next to mine and leash her to the bed - doesn't work.

Well, now, we want to try again. She is going to live for many years and really, I can't handle her in the bed for another 10 years or whatever. It is going to be painful. I will need earplugs and strong will. I will be sad but she takes up too much room!


It's Wednesday!

Yesterday, after we dropped Sarah at the airport, I got my haircut. It is pretty short - like sits just at my shoulders. I didn't really plan on cutting it that short but oh well. I like it, its something different. I had it long, then cut off like 3" and then cut off like another 3". I guess I am trying to find my happy length. At this shorter length, I dont have to spend a ton of time drying & flat ironing!!

Then, I went to the hospital for my volunteer placement. I am going to be in the maternity ward. So exciting! I have to get a TB test first and find my vaccination records before I can start though. Then, I have to figure out the volunteer/gymnastics schedule. I might alternate every other weekend.

Then, we had Erik's hockey game at 8pm. I was so tired. Unfortunately, they lost. We did not go out after. Erik was tired too.

They're Hiring

In the midst of thousands of jobs lost, these companies are hiring. Here you go! your job? How to keep it - read it here.

Travel Deals

Secret Travel Deal Secrets

Check it out!! Airlines are slashing prices & here are some more tips.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crazy of the Day

Monday - There is a guy in SF who tours the city by foot. He has in tow with him....his dog, a cat that sits on top of the dog, and a rat who sits on top of the cat. It's scary.

Tuesday - I'll borrow this one from a co-worker. There is a nude beach here in SF - Baker Beach. She stopped down there over the weekend and saw a totally nude woman posing on the rocks while a photographer took her picture.

The Weekend Quick Recap

Here is a quick recap of our long weekend with Sarah here!!

On Friday, we did some shopping in Union Sq. and took a cable car ride to the wharf - it was a rainy day.

On Saturday, we went to Napa. We had TOO much fun and never made it out to the drag show we hoped to see on Sat night. Oh well, we had a blast in Napa and hit up 4 wineries.

On Sunday, we went & had a great lunch at Buckeye.

My amazing lunch of seared tuna/cabbage salad

Stopped in Sausalito for ice cream and....

to see the bridge!

Sunday Night, we saw a SF Favorite, 'Beach Blanket Babylon' followed by an Italian dinner at Firenze!

Monday, we hiked Land's End and did some shopping!

Today.......I cried my eyes out after we dropped her off. I hate saying goodbye when people visit because it makes me realize how far away we live from everyone. But, it was a great visit and we had a ton of fun & we will see everyone soon when we go home in March!

Basket Case, again

Sarah left today. I am a basket case. I miss her already.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


We went to the Buckeye Roadhouse today for lunch. It is in Mill Valley & was one of the restaurants recently on Rachel Ray. It was so good. We had mimosas, crab cakes, and I had the seared tuna cabbage salad. There was so much good food on the menu, I can't wait to go back!!

SAG Awards

It is so sad when they do these 'In Memoriam' reels on the award shows every year!

Crazy of the Day

Catching up -

Friday - The Asian Old Navy employee who told me I couldnt use 2 coupons at once & couldn't use cash with the coupons. Kept saying 'Ok, Its fine. I just do what computer tell me to do'

Saturday - Us. In Napa. Dancing to Single Ladies to the music playing our heads

Sunday - A guy in North Beach singing Mary Poppins song to people walking down the street.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crazy of the Day

SF lets posters like THIS be put up around the city. I'm sure some city workers are now going around taking them down. It IS sort of funny!


It is blah, gray, and rainy here today. It is a yoga pants & sweatshirt kind of day. A yoga pant/sweatshirt/under the blanket on the couch watching TV kind of day. But alas, I am at work. Then, my class. Then, pick Sarah up from the airport!!

Sarah is coming for a long weekend & I am so excited!! We are going to do some fun things & try a new restaurant that I saw on Rachel Ray. I will show her SF, we are going to Napa, the drag show, mani/pedis, and just have fun. Of course, tons of pictures will be posted.

So, I won't be back to work until next Wednesday. Woohoo!!


I got promoted today!!

I'm In

Have you guys heard about Starbucks campaign to recruit people to volunteer? Pledge to volunteer just 5 hours & you get a free coffee. I hope people follow through with their 5 hours and not just walk away with the free coffee.

Get all the info, here.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Crazy of the Day

Traffic was backed up all up & down our street tonight around's why:

SF Bomb Squad Detonates Suspicious Package

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Authorities with the the San Francisco bomb squad say a suspicious package found near the Chinese Consulate has been detonated.

Officers on the scene tell KRON 4 the package was found outside the consulate around 5 p.m. Friday. The area was cordoned off and there were no evacuations.

The consulate is located at the corner of Geary and Laguna. During the investigation those streets were closed in both directions for several blocks.

The Obama's First Dance

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pushups & Resolutions

Well we all make New Years Resolutions and rarely keep them....So I thought if I did a monthly update, it would make me stay on track. We'll see.

Floss Daily - Hmmm its more like 2x per week but that is 2x more than I did in 2008
More water - Happening. I fill my water bottle like 3-5x per day
Stop Swearing - ehhh I'd say my real goal is to reduce it by 25%
Get promoted - Well....I think that is happening VERY soon!
Go to Seattle or Portland - Maybe this summer. We are already discussing it.
Evie microchipped - POssibly at the end of the month. I have the price list for a nearby place
Disneyland - No movement on this yet
Workout daily - Not happening. I'd say its really like 3x per week but It should be like 5x per week

Onto pushups. I tried to do a 'real' one the other day and couldn't. My goal is to do a 100 by the end of 2009. I can do like 8 girlie ones. I am doing them everyday to see how many I can do. My arms are killing me!

Michelle's Designer

I think it's great that Michelle Obama picked an relatively unknown & young designer to design her gown for the balls tonight! Here is an article on Jason Wu.

Crazy of the Day

Today's crazy item is not a someone but an event. Here in SF, we have a street named Bush St. Well, some people thought it would be a good idea to rename those streets Obama St since the Bush era is over!

Dirty Jersey

I am reading that book Leaving Dirty Jersey and I have to say - it is NOT nearly as good as Beautiful Boy. It is more like a day by day detailed life of this 19 year old kid who just does drugs, steals, sells drugs, etc. It's sad & gross. I don't want to know the ins & outs of drug life. He is hanging out with people who have like 8 year old kids asleep while they get high in the living room. Gross.

I think I might just stop reading this book and move on....So, I don't recommend this one.


The day is finally here when we have a new President. Everyone looked great today and his speech was wonderful. Now, it's time to move on. I love that he calls for everyone to give back & help others. Just like my quote yesterday from Dr. King, we all have a duty to help each other out & give back.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cutest Commercial

'All those boys are much too much!

Weekend Update

Well this weekend was very chill and the weather was awesome - sunny in the high 60's! I did go to Petco on Friday. Did you know that dog shampoo is really expensive - like $10 per bottle. Evie comes in with me and gets to pick out her rawhide bone. Then, she likes to carry it in her mouth the entire way home. Its jammed in her mouth and she can't really swallow and her tongue gets all dried out. It's funny though because she is so dead set on carrying it.

On Saturday, we did not go to Pacifica. We did some chores and then went to Buena Vista park. Evie was running and snorting. Then, she saw a 7month old Pit Puppy that she was running and rolling around with. She was so tired when she got home. At night, Betsy & Greg did come over and I made black bean burgers which turned out good. OH and this great banana cobbler dessert that was so good.

Sunday, I did a gymnastics party and fell asleep at like 830pm! Oops.

Today, we have the day off!! I am going to meet Cristin downtown and then we are going to Domo for $10 Sushi lunch and then to play tennis. Yippee!

Crazy of the Day

I am thinking of posting a new series 'Crazy of the Day' for all of the crazy things I see happen here.

Here are 2 to start you off:

1. Today - A very buff man wearing fringe chaps, an open button down shirt, wearing a cowboy hat, and holding an American flag. Posing with the flag by a tree in the park while his 'friend' takes his picture. My guess is they are a gay couple and he is submitting him for some contest.

2. A few days ago - A man sleeping in a tree. It is a cool tree that has a cave in the trunk. One morning, I saw there was a sheet hanging over the opening to the tree trunk & yep, someone was sleeping in there!

Pay it forward

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?' "
--the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.,
Nobel Peace Prize laureate and civil rights activist

On MLK Day, I hope everyone can take a second and think about this quote. How do you help others? What are you passionate about that you can give to others - knitting blankets for the elderly? Painting with kids in a hospital? Raising money for your favorite charity? We all have something special that we can give to others that will brighten their just have to find it. is my favorite way to find volunteer activities. If you only have a few hours, this is a great place to find a one-time opportunity.

Rachel Ray does the Bay Area

Rachel Ray has a show called 'Vacation' where that lucky bitch gets to travel the world and just, EAT. Anyway, she just came to the 'Bay Area' - not SF. She went to 3 restaurants that I am now, dying to go to.

1. Buckeye BBQ in Mill Valley (north of SF). Looks nothing short of amazing. Especially that ahi tuna salad on the brunch menu.

2. Joe's Tacos in Mill Valley

3. Rivoli in Berkeley

All 3 are definitely on my list. Maybe I will take Sarah to Buckeye when she comes next weekend!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Book Review

Well, I finished Beautiful Boy. I cannot recommend this enough. It was a great book chronicling a father's life with his drug addict son. It is very sad, hard to imagine going through, and hopeful. It gave a glimpse into the life of a drug addict and how they feel, why they do what they do, and how it affects everyone around them. In fact, the father really was addicted to the son's addiction - always worrying, thinking, praying, etc.

If you are looking for a good book, pick this up.

We went to the library on Saturday and I got another biography about a meth addict called 'Leaving Dirty Jersey.' I also got another biography called Mississippi Sissy which has been on my list forever. At the last minute, I also picked up 'Last Lecture' by Randy Pausch. I posted about him and his lecture months ago. It was such a great speech, I know it will be a great book.

Ironically, here is a great quote from Randy that sort of applies to Beautiful Boy:

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, only how we play the hand" - Randy Pausch

Friday, January 16, 2009


TGIF. This week has been very long. It was very busy at work this week. Tonight, I am doing the monthly trip to Petco. How exciting. Tomorrow, we might go back to Pacifica. It is supposed to be nice out. Tomorrow night, we have our friends Betsy & Greg coming over for dinner. Sunday, I have parties in the afternoon. It should be a good weekend!


I have been having allergies the past week or so. Maybe it's because of the warmer weather. I sneeze and sneeze and can't breathe out of my nose. And, Im so tired. I hate that.

Beautiful Boy 2

I cannot put this book down. It is really good. I'm not even done & I recommend it.

Anyway, I learned that crystal meth is the #1 drug in the US. And, in WWII, US soliders took meth to be more alert & stay awake. How crazy!

De Young Pics

A few weekends ago, we went to the DeYoung to see the Yves St. Laurent exhibit. You couldn't take pictures in there of all of the clothes though. However, I did find some funny things in the rest of the museum. Here they are:

Seriously - this one was called 'Dogs Mating'

Not sure what this was


Creepy, again


Cake for B

I made a birthday cake for my co-worker, Bailey. Its funfetti with strawberry frosting. Can't wait to eat it!!

p.s. yes - i had to bring the 'cake carrier' on the bus today and of course, people stared like 'whats that thing'

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'm not sure if any of you have heard that we had a 'murder' here and protests are going on. Our train system that runs from the SF airport up through the East Bay is called 'BART'. Well on New Years Day, a guy was shot by a cop. I still don't know what the guy did but everyone whipped out their phones and recorded it via video. This happened in Oakland. Now, in Oakland, there are protests like daily because everyone is calling the cops 'killers' and this was a hate crime. So, needless to say, people are pissed and people in the Bay Area Loooooooove to protest.

Last night, there was another one. It got rowdy. People got arrested. Here is a funny picture from the protest though:

Evie's Own Account

Evie is the proud owner of her own checking account now. How nice. With ING Electric Orange, I opened her account. This way, I will transfer money for her monthly Petco trip and camp money in there so it is all separate.

Obama's letter

Parade magazine published a letter from Obama to his daughters....

(Click the pic for the article)


I have been trying to find another good book to read after reading Chris Farley. I borrowed a ton of books from friends last summer and so I want to read them. So far I picked up 2 and couldn't get into them. 1)Alan Alda - Things I learned while talking to myself 2)Anita Shreve - All He ever wanted (i think thats the name)


I picked up Beautiful Boy. It is a memoir about a Dad dealing with his son's meth addiction. From the first paragraph, I was hooked. I'm sure it is going to be sad & painful to read but I really love non-fiction and hearing other people's stories. I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I know its only January but spring has sprung in SF here this week. It has been in the 60's all week. Stores are putting out spring clothes. I love when the spring colors come out - yellows, pinks, greens. Everything is so bright and just reminds you of sun, being outside, and having fun.

So anyway, it is weird here in SF because you can wear all of your clothes year round. I wore sweaters in august, and had cropped pants on this week. So, I really have no big urge to go 'spring clothes shopping'. However, I was surfing the sites today just to see what is out there. I made a lookbook. It's wierd. Its like half prep, half bohemian/trendy.

Rachel Ray Fish & Chips

This month's issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray has really good recipes. Last night, we made baked breaded fish sticks and sweet potato fries. It was sooooo good & easy to make.

Also, last night, I had the orientation at the hospital. We had to listen to the rules of the hospital, what to wear, HIPAA laws, etc. I go back in 2 weeks to meet with the volunteer coordinator to get my assignment - what section I will work in the hospital. Can't wait.

Well today, I was up at 6:15am and on the bus at 7am. I had to be at the client by 830-ish to set up for this big 3 hour meeting. Its 2pm now, I am ready to go home and go to bed! I also am sitting here in semi-dress up clothes and am uncomfortable and want to go home and put sweats on.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something to Remember

You play the hand you’re dealt. I think the game’s worthwhile.

— CS Lewis


Well today I am leaving work at 330 so I can go to my volunteer orientation at the CA Pacific Medical Center. I'm excited. I am going to be volunteering there weekly, hopefully!

It is only 930 and I already want 2nd breakfast. 1st breakfast is at home and is egg & cheese on bread. 2nd is cereal and I can usually last til 1030am but I dont know if I can today.

It is like 65 out and sunny out right now. Last night, i was out with Evie for an hour in the park playing and running around. There was a warm breeze and it was like 70 out. It was crazy but awesome.

The Bachelor hears the truth

The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, was on Jimmy Kimmel the other day. It was really funny because Jimmy was keeping it real with Jason. He was basically like, um out of all 12 previous Bachelors, no one stays with who they find on the show or gets married so....good luck not getting married.

The youngest reporter

This little boy wants to interview Obama at the Inauguration. He is so cute!

Monday, January 12, 2009


1. I will get that pad thai recipe & post it for everyone who wanted it. its in a cookbook though so Ill have to get it at home

2. Mondays are the BEST tv nights - Gossip Girl, Bachelor, The City. Hopefully I can stay awake

3. This week is going to be sooooo busy at work. UGH.

You look like a bunny

Yesterday, I had only 2 gymnastics parties. In one of them, I had this little girl who looked familiar and turns out she had been to one of my parties before. She was 7 and she had quite the personality. She was cute, without any front teeth, but had a big mouth. She kept wanting to be the line leader, complained when we did one thing too long, wanted to do something different, had 'done this before and knows how to do it', blah blah. She was also talking to me like she was my age or something.

Anyway, she turns to me and says 'You look like a bunny rabbit'. I asked her why & she said, 'because you are so White!' Now this is a small, pale, blonde haired girl saying this to me! I was like, you are very pale too. She thought that was so funny. Who says that!??

Weekend Update

Well this weekend, we didn't really have plans and 2 RANDOM things happened.

On Saturday, we took Evie hiking in Pacifica. It was sunny and beautiful out. I have pictures to post soon...She loved it and passed out for the rest of the afternoon.

Me & Evie

Erik walking up the hill

Random #1
We were walking in from the car after going to the store on Saturday around 730pm. A dog is running around without an owner. A woman comes up to us and was like, he has tags but no owner. So, we proceed to catch the dog with treats. Then, we call the phone # on the tag. A woman answers and says that the dog belongs to her son who must be in SF visiting his friends. Well, the stupid son left this dog in his truck with the window down so the dog hopped out. So, we put the dog back in the car and the woman said she would call her son.

I went outside across the street to the store & who do I see? The dog, sticking his head out the window again. So, I call this woman back and say that the dog is just going to jump out again. She said she was on her way to get the dog. So, we put the dog (Murphy) in our car as a holding tank.

Murphy barked and barked so we tried to bring him inside. Evie played with him and then snarled when he wanted to drink her water. Just as we put him in the bathroom, we hear someone calling for Murphy. Well, the son was outside looking for his dog! We brought the dog out & gave him back. The 'son' was like 45 years old.

Anyway, we called the woman back and she was like, 'I was hoping you wouldn't give the dog back to my son because he drinks and I am taking the dog from him' I felt bad but oh well - it's not my situation or problem and we did more than most people would.

Random #2
My big sister, Alex, from my sorority was in town this weekend. We did not have a plan to meet up though. We walk into a bar and who do I see....Alex. How random. So, we hung out with her for the night & it was great and so good to see her.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Minor Obsession

I have a minor obsession with the restaurant, The Little Chihuahua. It's becoming a weekly trip. It is SO good and So cheap, how can you resist. 2 tacos and a beer for $9.50. Can't beat that!!

Cristin & I went there last night after we polished off 2 beers at the Bean Bag Cafe. Beers after 3pm there are only $1.50!!


We have an epidemic here. Girls wearing leggings as pants. That's right. Not sure if this is going on in the rest of the country but it is happening here. Envision - leggings, boots, and a shirt. It's sort of like they just forgot to put on a skirt or they are going to ballet rehearsal. Tragic.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tis Best

I got a cool gift in the mail today from a vendor we work with. It was a gift card to donate to a charity. It was from You basically go on, insert your card #, and choose your charity. So, I donated my $50 gift card to the MS Society!


So anybody have any good plans for the weekend? I don't. We are getting out early today, around 3pm. I am doing parties on Sunday for a few hours. Nothing too exciting.

Step Brothers

I don't normally like Will Farrell movies but I recommend...Step Brothers. Holy crap that movie is funny.

Our New TV

We got a new TV!! Erik's parents got us a 37" flat screen for Christmas! It is awesome. The cable guy came yesterday and hooked up our new HD box with DVR. I am so excited to have DVR. This means I can watch TV and record it and fall asleep & not miss anything!!


Thursday, January 8, 2009


"It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it." - Albert Einstein

Wow. that is a good one!

The Chris Farley Show

I just finished the book, The Chris Farley show. It was a biography of his life & everyone who knew him contributed their memories. Basically, he was a lonely guy who desperately wanted to impress his Dad. To do this, he turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with his feelings. It just got to be too much after going to rehab over a dozen times. Finally, he overdosed. It was really sad to read because he had the opportunity to do some great projects such as....Shrek. He had even started voicing Shrek and then he died.

He was really a funny actor and could have had a long, prosperous career and life. He was only 33.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pad Thai

Well I made pad thai last night. It didn't look like this since I used rice noodles but it was good. I had two bowls and more for lunch today. I think next time I might put shrimp in it. Its super easy to make too!

Team In Training

Erik & I went to the TNT meeting last night. I stayed for the Run team and he went with the Tri team to learn more about it. It is the same coaches for the Run team that I had last year, who are awesome. There was an Honoree that we had last year too. I really want to do Seattle mostly because I want to go up there and see Seattle. Also, I just love being on the team & meeting new people and challenging myself.

Erik is still thinking about the Tri team. That is 3 sports to train for at a time and it would be a lot of time & energy. Plus, I don't think he has the right bike for it so he is checking into that.

Anyway, last night I signed up for the Seattle Half. I didn't pay my registration fee yet though. There is a little doubt in my mind like - do I really want to do this. I have from early Feb until end of June for the race. That is a long time to get stronger so I don't have the same back problems as last year. It is a long time to fundraise. However, I just don't know if I want to really push myself for the next 5 months. Don't forget I am also taking those 2 classes this semester....

What do you think?? What should I do??

En Fuego what my legs are right now. All of those squats are killing me. There is another class on Friday I want to go to called SET which is described as:

This cardio/strength combination class alternates strength exercises to sculpt every major muscle group with easy to follow step moves.

But my main goal is core workout & getting stronger. So, I am going to see about doing a yoga or pilates class 1-2 times per week.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Went to the gym. The class was hard. You have to use the step & weights and punch and squat and lunge and up and down. It's hard. My arms are shaky & I will be sore tomorrow!


Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it's a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from."
--Al Franken,
American entertainer and politician

It's Tuesday....

So much good TV last night. Gossip girl was good. Bachelor was its usual hot mess and cannot want for Deanna to come back to screw things up even more!

For some reason, I have allergies at work. I think it is the air quality - my eyes are so dry and I cannot breathe. I brought the Benadryl with me today. Hopefully it works.

I scheduled another $20 haircut for later this month. Can't wait!

Tonight, Erik and I are going to a Team In Training meeting. I am thinking of doing that Seattle Half and he MIGHT want do a Sprint Tri. We'll see....its a lot of work to train & fundraise but it is for a great cause.

Anyway...this is just a random post. I am going to the core class at lunch. It is so hard. I will be dying & dripping sweat when I am done. The ONLY way I go to the gym is if it is mid-day though. I will let you know if I survive.

Monday, January 5, 2009


I am trying hummus for like the 5th time. It is gross. I don't like the consistency or the texture. I even got Roasted Garlic flavor & that does nothing. I tried but this is it, I'm not buying it again. Ick. What are some decent snacks that I can eat that do not involve pretzals or cheez-its??

Update: I am eating carrots with Kraft Light Asian Sesame Dressing and its amazing.


Here is Evie at her sweetest - ASLEEP!

I think I have to take her to the vet. She has this scaly patch on the top of her head & its spreading.