Thursday, November 1, 2012

Luna Winery & New Restaurant

 After Sonoma, we rode over to Napa to go to Luna Vineyards. We are members here so we tasted for free! We also bought a bottle of the red blend and sat outside with it. It was so warm and breezy - it was a perfect spot!
 Erik's Dad bought a Luna hat so of course, we all had to take turns trying it on....

 Family Shot!

After Luna, we headed over to a new restaurant in the area called Cindy Pawlcyn's Wood Grill and Wine Bar. Cindy Pawlcyn is a prominent chef in the Bay Area and this is her newest restaurant.

 The food was classic dishes like chicken, pork chops, burgers...We started with the eggplant fries which were delicious! Erik and I had burgers and those were great! Dessert was the fun part though.
 Erik had a "cookies and ice cream" dish and his Mom had a grown-up milkshake - aka milk shake with some liquer in it.
 We also shared a bottle of wine, also by Cindy Pawlcyn. Apparently, she owns  some vineyards and has wine made under her label "CP wines" - very good!

Well, after our fun day, we headed home. It was a warm, sunny, wine country day!

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