Sunday, June 5, 2011

Modern Dance & Pizza

The weather has been so crazy here. It is sunny, then it rains, pours & repeat. It usually stops raining here by March so to have rain in June is very unusual. Apparently, we haven't had this much rain in the spring since like 1884 or something. Anyway, on Saturday, it rained on & off.

We went to look at two apartments. We didn't like either of them. I think our apartment is super small however, both that we looked at weren't much bigger. It also amazes me that some tenants don't bother to clean their house up when it's time for an Open House. One place we went to was a total mess and it stunk like cat litter box. The other place was super cute but was just as small as our place. We are just going to keep looking until we find something we like - it's not like we HAVE to move or anything.

Anyway, we went out with Erik's friends last night - Andrew & Shannon. He met them through surfing & are the ones that he went to Mexico with. We did something a little different and went to a Modern Dance show. Shannon used to dance with this group(ZeroPoint) and we went to their show.

In college, I took a Dance History class and learned about many different types of dance. One of them was Modern Dance and we had to watch it and even try it on our own. While I respect modern dance as a form of expression & a different way of telling a story, I think it's strange. It's just a little over the top sometimes.

After the show, we went to dinner at Vega Pizza.

Vega is an Italian place in the Bernal Heights neighborhood. They had salads, pastas, and pizzas. We shared a couple of pizzas including Margherita, mushroom with truffle oil, vegetable, and four cheese with pear. They were delish!

Since I'm not part of the surf crew, it was fun to get to spend time with Erik's friends and get to know them better!

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