Saturday, November 6, 2010


Last night, Erik and I tried out a new restaurant just around the block from us called Ragazza. Ragazza is a new Italian restaurant with wood fire pizza. We are always searching for good pizza in CA so we decided to try it out.

Overall, this restaurant was underwhelming & overpriced. I think it was similar to Flour & Water, which everyone raves about but I didn't think was that great. These specialty pizza/Italian places like to give you a small, dry pizza and overpriced salads and call it a meal. I realized that we don't have that great of pizza out here because all of the true Italians are east of Chicago. Think about it. The true, FOB Italians came over from Italy, thru Ellis Island, and settled in NY. You think large Italian families are going to make a trek out to CA to open a pizza place - I think not.

Anyway, we started with the mixed lettuce salad. This salad was truly lettuce with salad dressing on it. Yes, like the mixed greens you buy in a bag at Safeway for $3.50. Then, we had the margarita pizza & added portobello mushrooms on top. For dessert, we shared the olive oil cake with ice cream.

This is the new neighborhood hot spot & it was an hour wait to get in. Unfortunately, the food wasn't worth the hour wait and I probably wouldn't go back. I think that I just have to come to grips with the fact that we don't have good pizza out here & satisfy my pizza craving when I go back East.

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