Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kimmy's Visit: Friday

Kimmy arrived last Thursday night super late since her flight was delayed. Evie was so excited to go down to pick her up. She loves the airport and knows we are getting someone when we go!

This entire weekend, I wanted to try some new places. Some worked out, some didn't work out so well. Oh well, it was part of the adventure!

On Friday, we ventured up to Santa Rosa (an HOUR away) to go to Guy Fieri's restaurant - Tex Wasabi. I had heard about this place and it looked interesting - a mix of Japanese and BBQ food.

We were seated immediately however, it took 10 min for our server to come over. I think this was our Server's first day or something because he was not with it. He took our drink order, then brought drinks AND apps to the table next to us before giving us our drinks. He apologized a bunch of times.

The menu was funky. There was a mix of Japanese/BBQ items, straight up BBQ, and straight up Japanese/sushi.

First up, we had the edamame and buttermilk fried pickles. The pickles were AWESOME!

We also had salads which sucked. They were just iceberg lettuce with some dressing on it. Oh and our server forgot one! While we were eating the apps, the waiter told us that our rolls were ready & did we want them right now. We had to tell him to hold off for a few mins.

For sushi, we had two 'Gringo Roll's: Big Bird on Fire and Hidden Chicken Roll. They were just OK. Chicken is not supposed to be in sushi for a reason - it's super hard to eat. When you eat fish sushi, the fish sort of melts in your mouth. Honestly, one roll tasted like a Taco Bell burrito!

The place was PACKED and I think the restaurant was overwhelmed. The servers seemed new and the quality of food is not that high. I definitely would NOT go back or recommend this place. I actually don't think I'm going to leave SF to eat anymore. haha.

After that, we drove back to SF and stopped downtown. We ended up going to Toronado and Metro Caffe for cheese steaks. Delish!! I think we went home after that and chilled out because the next day, we were planning on running a 5K......

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