Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wayfare Tavern

On Monday & Tuesday, we had Clients in town. It was a busy, tiring, two days of meetings and entertainment. On Monday night, we went to Wayfare Tavern for dinner. I have been dying to try this place so was excited to go! Wayfare Tavern is the newest restaurant belonging to Tyler Florence.

The restaurant is uniquely decorated inside like you are stepping into a home in 1776. It feels like you are actually eating in someone's home with the old wood floors, heavy oak tables, and Americana decorated walls.

We had our own private room for dinner which was cool. One wall had a bookcase with old items on it like books & whatnot.

As for dinner, we tried a bunch of different menu items. We started with the figs wrapped in bacon, Poutine, & deviled Jidori eggs. Since I don't eat pork, I only had the Jidori eggs and they were pretty good.

For dinner, a lot of people ordered the Fried Chicken since it is the most recommended dish on the menu. I have been dreaming of lobster lately so I had lobster. I am actually considering having lobsters shipped in from Maine for dinner one night! One thing to note about ordering dinner at Wayfare is that you only get your main entree & must order sides separately. I was happy that we ordered macaroni & cheese as a side because everyone has been raving about it.

Here are my thoughts on the meal - Meh. I was disappointed. I thought everything would be amazing and it was just OK. The lobster was pretty good & came pre-cracked which was nice. The mac & cheese tasted like bacon in it, but it didn't. Maybe it was the 'smoked olive oil' in the dish. The fried chicken had so much rosemary in it, I felt like I was taking a bite out of a Christmas tree.

The wines were nice though & the overall experience was fun. I suppose I would go back and try a different dish to see if I feel any different about the restaurant. Just goes to show you can't listen to other people's recommendations all of the time.

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