Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Corner's Tavern

Corner's Tavern did not disappoint! The restaurant has a very open, Restoration Hardware, feel which was great.

We shared the heirloom tomato salad, burratta, wild arugula, pink peppercorn salad. It was so good, I seriously wanted to lick the plate. 

For my dinner, I had the mushroom corn ragout, chantrelles, romaine puree, poached egg which was pretty good but wasn't amaaaaazing. Tiffany had the burger and loved that! 

Dessert was definitely something to write home about! We shared the butterscotch pudding AND these mini cinnamon donuts with a banana carmel sauce. Ummm SOOOOO good!!

Dinner was delicious!!

The restaurant is in Walnut Creek, which is a cute town. They have every shop you ever need in a cute downtown area. FREE parking everywhere and it's sunny & warm there. Yes, it was a great break from city life. It was a great treat to see my friends on a Monday night. Since we live far from each other, we usually only see each other on weekends!

Downtown Walnut Creek

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