Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

 On Christmas morning, we woke up & opened our presents! We got an awesome new Keurig coffee machine! I have been wanting one for so long. I hate making coffee in the AM. This is a funny photo because Erik loves the coffee process and will roast his own beans AND use a French Press. No thank you - that is too much work! I joke and say that I am the Jetsons and he is the Flinstones because he likes to do things the old school way. I was happy to enjoy my Dunkin Donuts K-Cup yesterday AM!
 We got some wonderful gifts yesterday. Erik got me an....iPad!!!! Woohooo! It's so wonderful. I used it right away to look at my recipe for the spinach dip.
 My big gifts were an awesome Garmin watch, new sneakers, an Amazon gift card, and a KINDLE!!!

Erik got a pizza stone, a music making machine that he wanted, a new hockey bag, and a toy remote helicopter. haha! He also got a gift card to shape his surfboard, a slack line, and some computer parts.

We were far from our families but we were able to give wonderful gifts to one another. We were able to FaceTime with our iPad with everyone, too. So, we got to "be" with them yesterday!
 Now, onto the food. As you know, we were planning on making a TON of food. Yes, we were insane to think we could eat all of that. We started with yummy CHEESE!

 We moved onto Spinach Dip and crackers. Yum. I used this recipe but omitted the artichokes

 Next up, Erik made tuna tartare. This was SO delicious!! We bought too much tuna though. However, we were able to freeze it to have it for dinner later this week. Grilled Tuna - yum!
 Evie, of course, waiting for hers to drop.

 This is just tuna, one avocado, a bit of red onion, cilantro, and fresh lime juice. We served it with fresh baked bread that Erik made!
 We had WINE and home brew!
 Check out my little wine glass slipper. It looked like a Santa Stocking!
 We had crab, red pepper, cheese stuffed mushrooms.

 We moved onto crab stuffed shrimp and green beans with shallots. We stopped here, well except for dessert. We had lobsters to eat for dinner, too. We were just too stuffed, so we decided to save them for dinner this week.
 For dessert, Erik made Egg Nog ice cream.
I made banana cream pie. You will notice that the crust is quite a mess here because it was a pre-made crust that broke but it tasted wonderful! haha

We watched two movies yesterday. First up - Limitless with Robert DeNiro & Bradley Cooper. This movie was pretty good - action packed and held my attention. However, I don't what this movie was really about. You know how movies have their true, underlying meaning. I haven't thought about this one enough to think about what was really going on. 

Next, we watched Take Me Home Tonight. A Pseudo 80's movie. This one had some funny moments. I love Ana Faris and the "friend named Barry" was probably the funniest in the movie. I wouldn't recommend this one. It was like Empire Records meets American Pie.

Well, we had a really great Christmas. It is so great when the three of us get to be home, together. It really is a blast to be together and enjoy the day. 

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