Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Slide at AT&T Park

On Tuesday, we were with the clients alllll day. First up, we went to Sam's in Tiburon and had an awesome lunch on the deck on the water. We took the ferry over to Tiburon from SF and it was a beautiful day! We had some drinks and I had this great salmon salad.

Later in the day, we went to dinner and the Giants/Marlins game at AT&T park.

Before the game, we went to Mijita for dinner. Mijita is a mexican restaurant situated directly next to the ball park. You can walk through the restaurant and right into the stadium.

At Mijita, you walk up to the counter to order and the servers bring your food over. We had chips, salsa, & guac to start. The chips are nice & thick but super greasy. For dinner, I just had a veggie taco which was pretty good. They also have spicy/toasted pumpkin seeds as a side dish there that were yummy! Mijita was PACKED during this time before the game. I probably wouldn't travel back over here just for the food and I definitely wouldn't go here before a game. Tacos before a game just seems a little strange. haha.

It was great weather for an evening game. Usually, you have to bundle up and be prepared to freeze!

We had awesome seats at the club level. Club Level is awesome because behind the seats, the area is glassed in so you can sit inside & watch if you want. Plus, there are tons of restaurants and food stands like sushi!

It was also 'Carnaval' night at the ballpark so we were treated to this funky dance & music show before the game.

This is the big Coca-Cola slide inside the park that is actually a slide. Well, there are a few slides in there. Our clients were dying to go on it so we took them. And of course, I went down too. It was pretty fun. haha.

Tuesday was a looooong day and I was so tired at night but it was fun! It was my first Giants game of the season and unfortunately, they lost :-(

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