Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wild Wednesday

Last night, I tried a new restaurant called Locanda here in the Mission neighborhood. I was with two of my co-workers and our rep from a vendor company we work with. It is an Italian restaurant with a great menu. The portions are small though so this is a great place to try a few things as a group and share everything.

Here's what we had...

JEWISH STYLE ARTICHOKE (They were Jewish style because the Chef learned to make them in the Jewish district in Rome)

EARLY GIRLS – leccino olives, friarelli, fennel (Salad)

CARCIOFI CRUDI – grilled ricotta, wild arugula, avocado (Salad)

FIORELLINI – ricotta, fiorelli, squash blossoms (Pasta)


The Fiorellini pasta was verrrry good. The pasta was filled with ricotta and the there were squash blossoms, pine nuts, and this delicious lemon sauce. Very clean and light for a pasta dish.

After dinner, we moved onto Range for dessert. We shared two desserts here and also had some drinks....

strawberry ice cream puffs with chocolate sauce and candied meyer lemon

cornmeal crêpes with blackberries, crème fraîche ice cream and rose geranium

After Range, we had to finish the night strong so we stopped at...THE MINT to sing karaoke! haha.

I did not get home until 1am. I never stay out that late let alone on a weeknight. haha. It was very fun but it was hard to get up this morning!

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