Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today, Evie and took our walk into GGP. We stopped at this big statue of Pres Garfield and she hated it. She was scared. Her ears were back & she was barking!!

Looking out into the Conservatory of Flowers

Crazy of the Day

Yesterday, I took Evie on a walk/run thru Buena Vista.

1) I think I saw 2 people having sex in the woods but if that is what they were doing, I am not sure. I ran by & didnt look at them.

2)A guy was talking thru the park looking like this: (minus the sign he's holding)

He had written on his box chest that said something like "I am poor. Have any change?" Creative!

How the F...

....does Kate Gosselin look this good after 8 kids???? I know she had a tummy tuck but still -

Beat My Price

Have you guys seen this site?

If you see something online, you put the name, site & price in this site. They find you a cheaper price AND a coupon code!

Labor Day

We are thinking of going home for Labor Day. We will go to the US Open, a Mets Game, have a picnic with our friends & family...Tix are really good right now too - $250. Hopefully we can book this week...

Our next trip is......Seattle. We are going for the 4th of July. I can't wait. We've never been up there. We rented a house on the Puget Sound. Here are some pics from the site of our place:

View from the deck

I am looking into things to do and so far we want to go see the Space Needle, the Red Hook Brewery, Pike's Place, and maybe take a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. There is SO much to do up there, it's hard to choose!

Well, it is summer here in SF which means cold, foggy, and 60. Blah. We have the best weather most of the year except for June/July/Aug. Even Dec & Jan, it is 65 and sunny. IF we go home for Labor Day, I will get my fill of heat & humidity for the year though!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Subway Sandwich

Subway has a new sandwich and it is delish. I dont know if all Subway's have it but if they do, I recommend!


Well in my goal of 30 mins of walking every day, Evie and I went walking and running up and down the hills and thru Alamo. Here are some cute photos I took of her.

Happy May

Ah last night was great. I got a lot done on my 07 scrapbook, watched What Not To Wear, Gilmore Girls, and had 2 glasses of wine. This morning, I ALMOST finished 07. I am waiting for one more set of pictures to come in the mail thru Snapfish. It's so much easier to upload photos to Walgreens and pick them up there. They have the same features as Snapfish (borders, picture fix, etc) and they have good deals. They are cheaper than Snap, too. Of course, Evie has to be all up on me, no matter what I am doing. She shoved herself inbetween me & the couch last night.

Anyway, I found a new scrapbook lady - 2 blocks away. She is pretty young and has crops every other week. I don't think I can ever stop scrapbooking. Its the only way I can remember things - when we did things, where we went, etc. Also, it is good to have to look back on what we all looked like, etc. I can't belive I started doing these books in 1997!

Anyway - I loooove Gilmore Girls. I told Erik that if he ever has to put me in a hospice, put GG on repeat and I will die happy. hahahaha.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Neighborhood Re-Org

As with most cities, SF has a ton of neighborhoods. We never knew what our 'hood was called because we are in the middle of the intersect of 3 different ones. We are on the edge of 'Nopa', one block from Lower Haight, and 2 from Alamo Sq. Sooooo which one is it?

Well, recently SF Real Estate renamed some 'hoods. We are officially Nopa. Nopa means 'North of the Panhandle'. Panhandle is the start of GGP which we live near.


Some weekends, there are like 800 things, festivals, events going on in SF. For instance on May 16th, there was like 30 festivals while we were at the Mets game. On June 6, there are another 30 festivals but we will be at a hockey picnic. This weekend, there isn't a lot going on. There is always something to do here. I really want to climb Coit Tower.
(See here <---)

Anyway, tonight, I have a big night planned. I am picking up pictures & scrapbook pages and getting closer to finishing my 2007 scrapbook!

I am going to watch Monty Python & Holy Grail and the premiere of What Not To Wear with BLOSSOM as the makoeveree. What a night!! :-)

Have a good weekend!


Erik and I went to the fundraiser last night for my friends running the marathon. Of course after talking with them, I want to do another race. If you become a mentor, you only have to raise 60% of the fundraising requirement. PLUS, if you do TNT and fundraise in a calendar year, you can do it again without fundraising that same year. That is like getting 2 half marathons WITH training for buy one, get one free. I would not consider doing this until Spring of next year, but we will see. With work & school, it will be difficult. The girls looked great, very fit & in shape, too!!

one step forward, one step back

Forward: Evie successfully walked past the park guy using a leaf blower and did not bark, lung, want to kill the leaf blower.

Back: The address of Dog Owner #1 is not a house. It is a mailbox, etc. The Sheriff cannot deliver the court forms. I am consulting with my lawyer to see what to do next. :-)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Thursday

Evie is fine after her Tues night puke. The final is over. The final was actually hard. It was like he decided to finally challenge us after screwing around and having group therapy for 4 months.
As for the collar, she is fine on the prong. I tried walking her on the harness and I just do not feel confident at all. Plus, with the prong, she doesn't pull.

Tonight, I am going to a fundraiser for 2 of my running friends at a bar. Its a $10 donation and drinks are $2.50. They are running the Seattle Marathon at the end of July.

School is over - now what do I do after work!? I am going to be walking at least 30min a day. I did the Real Age test online and it gave me tips for being healthier. Dr. Oz says walk 30 min a day, no matter what. That seems easy enough.

Urban Sale

Urban Outfitters cuts up to 80% off 120 items as part of its latest sale. That puts all prices at $4.99 or less. That's among the best sales we've seen from this merchant this year. Shipping starts at $6, or get free shipping on orders of $150 or more. Sales tax is added where applicable. Deal ends May 31.

Click HERE for the sale.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have been perusing Etsy just to see what handmade stuff is up there. VERY cute stuff. This is a great site for gifts! As much as I try to escape my preppy side, I can never seem to be able to!

Collars by: sugarplumcollars

Super cute preppy stationary by threewheelsdesign

Headbands by Mabels

Planner & luggage tags by lwhelan

Adorable wristlets by PinkPinsandNeedles

Monogrammed water bottles by lindsaydarrentart

Rory sleeps with Dean & Evie Pukes

Yesterday, I got my Gilmore Girls Season 5 in the mail. woohoo!!! Erik had hockey last night so it went on right as he was walking out the door. Season 5 is when Rory sleeps with Dean, who is still married to Lindsay. Lorelai and Luke get together.

Evie also puked last night. The biggest pile of puke ever. It was like her food was just sitting in her stomach & came back up. Everything was still intact. Gross. Erik said she ate something nasty outside - Great. She slept last night & doesn't want to eat her breakfast this AM. What else is new, right?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today at work was so busy plus I had to go to the Client. I can't believe tomorrow is already Wednesday. Now it is 9pm and I can't believe it is 9pm. Where did the day go?

Anyway, I have no clue if that guy got served today but I did get an email from the pet insurance that my claim is being processed. Yippee.

Ahhh the Real Housewives of NJ is on tonight. I love everyone except Danielle. Danielle needs to get a job and stop hooking up with guys in front of her young daughters! I also think all of these homes that these women live in are probably under foreclosure.


Ugh today, I just feel like - off.

1. I am anxious that Dog Owner #1 is going to get served with his court papers today and is going to send me a nasty email or call me

2.The pet insurance place is being a pain about receiving the claim and Evie's records from APRIL 27TH. The Vet faxed everything and now the insurance is saying they don't have them.

3. I am stressing about the collar to use for Evie

4. I have my last final tomorrow

Tea with Jam and Bread


California Supreme Court upholds same-sex marriage ban.


We are all waiting to hear the news on the Prop 8 Ruling. The Court may overturn the Prop 8 ruling from November - that gay marriage is illegal.

Protests in downtown SF this AM

Waiting for the ruling!

Collar Guilt

Last night, we were watching It's Me or the Dog. This woman had 4 weimaraners that she could not control. One was on a shock collar and the others were walked with prong collars. Victoria Stillwell, the trainer, said that the prong & shock were going in the trash because they are torture items.

Evie gets walked on prong!!

Of course, now I feel guilty. Victoria was saying that it can damage their trachea!! Great. We have tried the gentle leader, the prong, a regular choke chain, and flat collar. She pulls so I walk her with the prong. Now, I feel guilty for using it on her. And, I don't want to end up in the hospital with her trachea being damaged.

The real problem is that she pulls and needs to be trained not to pull. Sometimes she does really well. Other times, she doesn't - when she really wants to go see Wasabi or a skateboarder goes by.

I am thinking of getting her a better harness - like this one:

Monday, May 25, 2009


How great is it, that is Monday and we are not working!! Woo hoo.

Well this weekend has been fun but the weather has been ick. Gray, cold, hovering around 50-55. On Friday, Amy came over, we ordered in and watched shows stocked up on the DVR.

On Saturday, Erik and I did errands like go to the sports store and grocery store. I made pad thai and we went out for a beer.

Sunday, I was depressed. I was just feeling homesick. It sucks when fun things are going on at home and you can't be there. Just simple things like talking to a friend that you want to hang out with or my parents had a little picnic - So, I pulled out my scrapbooking supplies and put Gilmore Girls on. Those two things are like pieces of home for me. Thankfully though, Amy pulled me out of my funk. We went to this bar near GG Park called the 'Chug Pub'. You can buy this tank of beer with a little tap on it. It is equivalent to 8 beers for $30. That's a deal!! After drinking that tank of beer, I realized that our bar tender was Jon Gosselin. hahaha

Our tank of beer - over 2.5L

Pub food

Is it Jon!!???

Is Jon getting a side job because Kate takes all of their income!??

We went at 5pm and didn't come home until 12. Because....after that, we went to this place The Mint to try to sing karaoke. However, there was a looong list so I didn't get my chance. It was a fun time!!

Now, it's Monday and sunny. I think we are going to get some big fat sandwiches and try to go outside for a little bit!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Crappy Weather

Ugh Look at the weather here today - It is freeeezing.

Memorial Day Deals


Walgreens - 50 prints for $5

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Does this look like a good Lifetime movie or what!!


Yesterday, we got out of work so early. Erik picked me up at 130! I took Evie up to her fave park, Buena Vista. She was digging like a mad man and eating sand. Do you know what she pooped out this morning - sand. GROSS.

Anyway, here are some pics-


5 years ago I bought my Honda Civic. It was brand new & had 7 miles when I left the lot. It is an awesome car. I financed most of the car and am ALMOST done.

Today, I checked to see the balance left and it is.....$728!!!! How exciting is that.

I THINK It will be paid off with my last payment in July. Hallelujah!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend!