Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gilroy Garlic Festival

Saturday started out as it usually does - chores & walking Evie. Took Evie for a nice walk in Buena Vista and the sandpit so she can run around.

Here she is, running around -

After we were ready to go, we headed new a new place for lunch. Greenburger's opened a few months ago in the Lower Haight neighborhood. It's a pretty low key spot where you go up to the counter to order your food & they bring it out to your table. The food was delicious!

Erik had their veggie burger & fries. I had the Buffalo Chicken Macaroni & Cheese and a side salad. Everything was sooooo good. This Mac & Cheese was out of this world. Spicy, Cheesy, Deliciousness. I'm pretty sure they use the one & only....Frank's Red Hot sauce, which is my absolute favorite hot sauce

After lunch, we headed down to Gilroy, CA. It's about an hour & 15 min drive down there and it's near Santa Cruz. Each year, the Gilroy Garlic Festival is held there and each year we say we should go. We finally went this year and can now say, we will never be back. haha. Gilroy calls itself the Garlic Capital of the World but in fact, it does NOT grow the most garlic in the world. Gilroy Foods processes more garlic than any other factory in the world; most pickled, minced, and powdered garlic come from Gilroy. Interesting.

The festival was your typical festival of food, bands, crafts, etc. It was jam packed with people of all walks of life. I guess that is the funniest thing about going to festivals - you get to see all of these different types of people.

It was SO hot down there. It must have been over 85 degrees. We were definitely sweating & got in the shaved ice line, right away. I got Pineapple Mango. Erik got Grape.

They have every type of garlic food you can imagine....even garlic ice cream.

The line for free garlic ice cream was like 50 people deep so we skipped that one!

This seems like THE place to be, if you are from the area. It was not worth the drive to get down there. We decided that we are going to stop going to all of these weird festivals that of course, I find. They are all the same & never worth it!

The fun part of the trip was stopping at the Gilroy Outlets where everything at the Ann Taylor outlet was 50% off! woohoo!!

We chilled out the rest of the night & watched Season 1 of The Walking Dead. It is a really gross show about how people turn into zombies and take over. It's sooooo gross watching them eat flesh and blood. ICK.

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