Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Napa Fun

What a fun weekend we had. Kimmy was here on Friday and we did a lot of wedding stuff. Saturday was my bachelorette in Napa which was reallllllly fun. I also realized I never posted about the Shower and Bach in February in CT so I will do that one too. Very fun. Can't believe we are getting married in a month!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boulevard Dinner

Last night, I went to a work dinner at a great SF restaurant - Boulevard. This restaurant is a SF staple, very well known, and consistently on the Top 10 list for SF. I haven't been to it yet but it is on my list so I was excited to try it. Bottom line, everything was awesome & I would definitely go back.

To start, we had:

"Ribbon-Cut" Ahi Tuna Miso Ginger Aioli, Fried Hodo Soy Tofu, Schichimi Pepper
Yellow Turnip & Seaweed Salad, Sherry-Soy Vinaigrette
Wild Rice & Shiitake Furikake

Star Route Organic Lettuces with Fines Herbes
Lemon, Anchovy, Caper & Chili Flake Relish
Toasted Levain Croutons & Taggiasca Olives

Pan Seared Salmon for entree

For dessert, we had the BANANA CREAM PIE
House Made Hazelnut Puff Pastry, Vanilla Pastry Cream
Hazelnut Praline Cremeux, Banana Caramel
Chocolate Ice Cream Profiteroles

OMG. Everything was cooked perfectly and was SO delicious. The dinner was also with two fun women we work with at a partner company so dinner was delicious AND fun! The prices are no laughing matter though so I'm not sure when we will be back for dinner. My salmon entree was $36... 

It was a really great dinner!

In other news, Kimmy is arriving tonight because this weekend is packed with wedding plans and my bachelorette in NAPA!! WOohoo. Cannot wait!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Goodbye Bingo

Last night was my last night doing Bingo. I brought the ladies cupcakes and they gave me some Russian chocolate. They really are so sweet.

Of course, last night was a long night - we played 12 games plus one round of blackout. Usually we play 7-9 games and blackout. But, it was my last night so oh well!

They were so nice and told me how they would miss me. Most of them cannot speak English well so they were saying things like "Hope everything is good in life" and "Have a good life."

Of course, Miss Sunglasses - the feistiest one of them all, who often gets yelled at by the other ladies - won the jackpot at the end of the night. She is annoying/hilarious because she is mouthy & gets told to be quiet. When she wins, it really makes everyone else mad. haha

Well, I'm grateful for two years with them but it is time to move on. до свидания!

Monday, April 16, 2012


When I was downtown on Saturday, I stopped into Marshall's to check out their work out clothes selection. I know Marshall's and TJ Maxx offer name brand work out clothes for a discount, which is awesome but I never seem to go there to check it out.

This time at Marshall's, I found great items! I got four things and everything was about $15 each!

 I got an Under Armour tank that looks like this...
 I love these shirts from UA but didn't see any but now I will make it a point to go back and look!
An Adidas top similar to this one. Plus, a pair of workout capris and a sports bra.

I was pleasantly surprised to find so many great items and great deals!

Now I just need to get some new headbands to match:

If you need workout clothes, go to Marshall's!