Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Salt House - Revisted

On Monday night, we had a client dinner at Salt House. Erik and I went here for our first Christmas Eve dinner together out in SF. We loooved it. We both thought the food was so good. On Monday, my mind was completely changed. The service was slow, the food was lousy, and overall, I couldn't rave about the meal. I don't know if we are getting jaded living here since we have SO many good restaurants or if the food really wasn't that great.

Here's what we had:

MIXED NUTS truffle honey / sea salt

MARINATED OLIVES orange / mint / chili (Did not eat)

POUTINE kennebec fries / vermont cheddar/short rib gravy

MIXED LETTUCES sourdough croutons/red wine vinaigrette


ALASKAN LING COD english peas / ramps/garlic purée


The dinner lasted about 3.5 hours which is a long Monday night. We had a nice time though. Although, I don't know if I'll be back to Salt House...

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