Thursday, July 31, 2008


I want to write a book just so I can go on a book tour. I don't want to do the work of writing a book though. Just want to do the tour. Oh and get the royalty checks.

I dislike...

....when people say they are 'crazy busy'.

I also dont like when people say they didn't have time to do something. Its not that you didn't have time. Its that you didn't make time.

5:53 what time I got up today. Oh yeah. Left the house at 6:05 and went for a 30 MINUTE RUN. The weather was warmer than it will be tonight. Hardly anyone was out. I had just put a new playlist on my iPod. It was good. It felt good to be out, running.

Strategic Bus Standing

If on those unfortunate days when I have to stand on the bus, I try to place myself strategically. I try to guess where people get off to see where I will get a seat first. For instance, the big stops are Fillmore St where people take to work in the Mission, Civic Center for all of the government people, and then downtown where the majority of people work. This morning, I got so lucky and stood next to a guy who got off one stop after I got on. Score!

It's sometimes hard to play this strategy game though when its packed and the bus driver is yelling, Move Back.

I get very annoyed when people choose a spot where they want to stand & refuse to move. Even if the bus is getting really full, they won't move. Then, you have to squish past them & give them a dirty look. NOte: I do NOT do this. I move and forgo the strategy game.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I've figured out the fog here. It rolls in early from the beach(kind of close to us). This must come in around 5am because by 7am, it is sunny and warm-ish at our house. The fog continues to cover the city & move out of the city.

So when the people in the Marina leave for work, its foggy & cold but its warm-ish near me. When I get to work, its foggy & cold.
When I get home after work, its foggy & cold. Around 9pm, the fog seems to be gone again, out to sea. This means, it is warm in the morning. Cold in the evenings.

The dilemma is I hate being cold and I hate getting up in the morning. So, when do I run?

The warm mornings are looking better than the cold, foggy evenings.

Obama Ad

Look at this stupid ad McCain put together. I'm sure we could put a few arguements together about past presidents who are 'celebrities'...Reagan, Kennedy, Clinton

Face of Jesus

These people think the face of Jesus is in their cat's fur.


Ok I am declaring to everyone right now that I am going to run the San Jose Half-Marathon on October 5th.

That means, I start training TODAY. This means, I pull out the Team In Training schedule and follow it until the race.
I have been laaazy since the last Half so this will require a lot of mental and physical tenacity to get my butt in gear.


I have wanted to learn to knit or crochet forever. I tried to learn through my Mom but got mad that I couldn't do it and quit. I tried again on my own last winter by watching how to videos on You Tube but that didn't work either.

There is a yarn shop near our house which has classes. You can do a series of 4 classes to learn to knit. Erik's mom makes blankets that are so beautiful and I wish I could make blankets. I would make them and donate them to charities for kids or babies so they had blankets.

Once I learn to knit, I can join one of those 'Stitch and Bitch' groups where the ladies sit around and knit and chat. Actually, there are a lot of these knitting groups on

Wore Flats

Wore flats today and am feeling happy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So Cute

Are these shoes cute or what? Too bad they are Marc Jacobs and cost $250.

1 Year to Live

It is not the things we do that we regret, it is the things we do not.

This is one of the wise things Professor Randy Pausch said in a graduation speech he gave. I posted his 'Last Lecture' earlier this week. After watching the speeches and interviews, I really started thinking about this. What if you only had one year to live?
It made me think, what am I not doing now that I wish I was doing. And, why am I not doing it?


I decided this morning I want a simpler wardrobe. You know how people have like their uniform - you can always find them in black shirts, jeans, boots or whatever. I only want ankle length jeans and pants and flats. Heels are just not realistic to walk around the city. Plus, they hurt your feet.

This is sort of a revelation - like tanning. I will never be tan. So, i finally stopped trying to be tan. Now, why do I need to wear heels if they hurt my feet? So, I'll stop wearing heels.

Monday, July 28, 2008


McCain says he could support 16-month Iraq timetable.

Remote, Again

Evie also chewed our main remote for the TV that controls the cable box and also switches the tv so you can watch a DVD. Of course, the button that you need to press to switch it from TV to DVD is the one that barely works. I wanted to watch a DVD tonight so I asked Erik to switch it to DVD for me. So, fine, I watched the DVD.

Then, I couldn't get it to go back to TV. Of course, at 10pm when I spoke to him, he said, oh just press this button on the TV an it will switch. Who knew!?? Oh well, at least I got to watch some Jon & Kate plus 8. And, we are getting a new remote hopefully tomorrow.

Second Chance

I finished 'Second Chance' by Jane Green. This book is about a group of friends who lose touch but get back in touch when one of the friends is killed unexpectantly. This is set in England. For some reason, I hate books set in England. I don't know what it is. Anyway, it took awhile for this book to get going and then it was sort of boring. I do not recommend it.

Apparently, the other books this woman wrote are pretty good. This was my first book of hers that I read.


We watched "21" last night. It is about the group of kids from MIT that count cards in Vegas and win tons of money. It kept my attention, which is rare. I recommend it.

Farmer's Market

Erik and I went to this awesome Farmer's Market on Sunday. It just started a few weeks ago and is a few blocks from our house. They had the freshest fruit & produce for great prices.

Yes, it was like 60 out yesterday and people had hats & scarves on

Strawberries were soooo sweet


Evie's Home

Look at these cute pictures of Evie. She was so happy to be home from camp all week. She was sooooo tired.

Playing with her new toy which she promptly ripped apart


So tired


Check out these flip flops!! You basically buy the sandal and then you can buy straps that you replace on the sandal. Instead of buying 5 pairs of flip flops, you buy one pair and 5 different strappies.

Its COLD here

I was sweating in CT because it was about 90 degrees. I get back to SF and it's freezing. Today it is 58 out. Here is our weather for the week.

Karaoke at The Moose

We finished the trip off with a trip to the Moose Club where it was Karaoke night! How ironic that the monthly karaoke night fell on a night when we were in town!

Singing 'You're So Vain'

Jesse and Erik

Me & Marla - Friends for 14 years and counting

Family Time

We went to Rainbow Gardens for a family dinner on Friday night. I had this awesome lobster macaroni and cheese that was so good but I was so stuffed.

Lobster Mac & Cheese

Grandpa, Me, Grandma, Kimmy

Mom, Me, Kimmy, Dad

Me & Kimmy


More pics from our trip....Yankees vs. Twins at Yankee Stadium. This is the last year they will play in the stadium as the new one is currently being built! Yankees WON & we had great seats.

The house that Ruth built


This guy wants you to hit this pan for good luck

Me & Dad

Sunday, July 27, 2008

These two broke up

Surprise! Another Bachelor couple broke up.

New Ha Ha

We had to go to BAR in New Haven for the best pizza in the world. I got white pizza with shrimp - sooooo good! Erik & Jaime met us up there afterwards for a few drinks.

Where's my pizza?

Channeling that girl from Hairspray

Can you believe these two are twins??

Sisters, Sisters

We call this dance, laying the eggs

Erik, enjoying the egg laying show


I love the bar, Archie Moore's. While we were in CT, we had to make a visit or two.
Too bad about 5 mins into being there for Happy hour, I dumped my entire beer on Kimmy.

Yep, the entire thing

This is Kimmy saying, 'Thanks Bitch'

Me, laughing at this for a good 5 minutes

Me & my buddy, Khai


Khai laughing when I was swinging him around

Khai, Souk, and Me

Me, Khai, & Kimmy

A new member to the Buffone Family!

While we were in CT, we were lucky enough to get to meet Natalie Buffone! Stacey had her on 7/23 at 1pm. She was 7lbs, 12oz. She is so cute!

Me & Natalie - Can you believe she didn't cry at all while I was holding her!?

Me, Erik, and Natalie

Natalie going back to sleep

It's OK Erik, you won't drop her