Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crazy Shoe

Saw these shoes & love them. They are like not something I would normally buy but they are cool.


This weekend was fun. Amy & I tried this mexican place we wanted to go to. It was exactly what we hoped it would be.

On Saturday, Erik and I went to a late lunch at this little cafe by the beach. It was sunny & 55-60 degrees. The food was delish. It was great. Then, we went down to Target to get cleaning stuff. The monthly trip. Erik never goes with me so that was a nice surprise. We did not make it to the movie but we did go to chicken & waffles at like 9pm. Erik's first time having that dish & he liked it.

Today, I worked at the gymnastics gym. Nothing crazy happened. Cute kids. Went to Whole Foods. I love the frozen salmon. 2 perfect pieces in one pack.

Eriks Hockey Outing

Last week, Erik & his hockey team went down to the San Jose Sharks game. Of course, debauchery ensued. But, they had a great time!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

East Coast Dog

This AM, Evie & I were out walking. We walked past this woman with two dogs. They were sniffing and she asked Evie's name. Then she told me she was from New York & they just moved here. I told her we were from CT and she says 'Oh an East Coast dog. I could tell' haha. Not sure how she could tell. Maybe it was her pink & green whale collar and my Marthas Vineyard sweatshirt. haha


TGIF. For sure.What a busy week. Emotionally & Physically. Work was crazy. I was totally bummed. I didnt work out. Went to school. I am ready for the weekend but I have a busy weekend planned, too.

Unfortunately, I pushed my start date at the hospital out to 2/11. I was at the client yesterday until 530. Not back to the city until 6. Worked until 730 and then went home. I would not have made it to the hospital for 7pm.

Today, I had to go to the Client for like 5 min. Freaking get on BART to go over there for 5 min. I hate that. Then, I worked from home the rest of the day. Tonight, Amy & I are trying this mexican place that we both have seen & want to try. It is not high-end or anything but we want to try. Then, we are going to get a few beers. Ugh right now it is raining, again. Hope it stops.

Anyway this weekend I have some errands like to get a lab coat, go to Target for household supplies, & teach gymnastics on Sunday. We are also planning on getting chicken and waffles and seeing Crazy Heart.

Have a good weekend!!

New York

Ok but this is my absolute fave right now. I laugh when I do the Jay Z rap b/c I sound so ridiculous.

Say Hey!

I like this song. Its happy.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hair Color

I love this hair color & I think Im giong to get it. I love the red mixed in!

Jay Leno

I saw Jay Leno on Oprah and let me tell you , I cannot stand him. I cannot even stand to look at him. Do you feel that way about certain people? I also feel this way about Nicholas Cage & Nicole Kidman. There is just something about them.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Feel a little better today. I am planning on going to see Kimmy for her bday in Boston. This will help me. Plus, we have a fun February planned. OH and we are planning on going to Palm Springs for a tennis tournament in March. I have been wanting to go to this tournament for years - BNP Paribas Tournament!

Erik & I talked and here are our options----
1. See if work has any jobs open around July 1. We move back, I work for them for ayear while I wait to hear about admission to school.
RIsk: I don't get into school and we are living in CT without the next step of school. OR We have TL move us to NY only to get into CT school in the fall and have to move again.

2. Move to CT or NY or MA (where I get into school) next summer, once I know for sure what I am doing/going.

#2 sounds much more logical but the reason #1 is hanging around is that work would pay to move us as long as I work for them for a year. At this point, I will see what is open in July but am also open to staying another year.

I just bought 3 movies: Step Brothers, I Love You man, and Ratatouille on LOVE love love all three and could watch them on repeat.

Busy at work today. School Tonight. Volunteering tomorrow. Busy weekend planned. Good - keep my mind off things.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Evie!!

Evie is 4 years old. Can you believe it!!?? We had her little party today. She got a lot of fun gifts.

Waiting for her gifts: 2 pig ears. a bully stick, a big fat porcupine toy that squeaks, a new green ginham collar, and a toy ring.

Eating her bully stick

Family pic

Evie & Auntie

Evie restraining herself from a cuddle pose


I cannot tell you HOW many times we were asked this weekend if we were twins. Sometimes we just say yes b/c we do not want to deal with the questions that come if we say No. You'd think we were famous twins or something. We don't even think we really look alike!

After the party, we went downtown. Went to F21 & Old Navy. Got a cute little owl necklace.

We also made wontons and watched I love you man, again. And Gilmore. Then, we went to the airport. Complete breakdown. Crying. Lonely. Upset.


On Saturday, we went up to Sonoma. I've never been up there and it is very different from Napa. Napa is like Vegas for wine. One long strip with wineries on each side of the street. Pull off left or right and you're in a winery. Sonoma is like driving thru neighborhoods, down little streets, and pulling up at a winery at the end of a cul de sac.

We went to Blackstone, Ravenswood, and Anaba. You prob know the first two from wines you buy at the grocery store. Anaba is fairly new. I am not a pinot noir person but I loved one of theirs. Blackstone had a great Rubric wine that I liked. Ravenswood was selling their cab for $18.50 when Hello! They sell it at Safeway for $10 or $7 on sale!

We had an awesome dinner at Boon Fly Cafe. I've been wanting to go to this cute place for awhile now. It is on the property of Carneros Inn. We got there at 5pm and got a bottle of wine at the bar: Twenty Rows. So good! Then, we had dinner and both got Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and collard greens. Oh yeah!

Afterwards, we picked up Evie at camp and went home. Fun day exlploring a new area!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Friday - We had so much fun. We went to down to my school to buy my lab book. Lunch at Little Chihuahua. Mani/Pedi. Cupcakes at Kara's. (My Vanilla cupcake proceeds went to Red Cross for Haiti) Happy Hour at Blur. Ordered Chinese. Watched Post Grad. Super fun day that makes me sad we can't do it every weekend which makes me wonder why I live in CA and want to move, again. This happens EVERY time.

Movie Reviews

1. Post Grad - Give this a C
Pretty much like watching Rory Gilmore in a movie. Great student. Graduates. Doesn't get her perfect job. Best friend likes her. Blah Blah. Predictable. Don't recommend.

2. I Love You, Man - A
So Funny. I stayed awake through the whole thing. Watched it again. Recommend.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Together Again

Kimmy's Here!! Let the good times roll. I'll post pics after the weekend. Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another new fave snack

I love Clif Bars and this new flavor is awesome!! This is my new favorite flavor: White chocolate macadamia nut. 1/2 of this bar is a great snack with some milk.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


How lovely that today is Tuesday and this week is super short. The week is almost over! Well, today I got up at 6am and went to the gym. With school starting, I have to start going in the AM or else I will just not go at all. It was pouring rain out and I thought about not going but I went.

Today was super busy at work but I had a fun meeting today with that movie ticket company, Fandango. I got 2 free movie tix!

I also had a new snack today - a Larabar. I had the banana nut flavor & it was so good. I'm trying not to eat crap like cheezits so instead I had a pear, larabar, and snap peas for snacks. I wasn't hungry all day.

For dinner, I had the Whole Foods salmon. I marinated it in ginger/soy sauce. Delish. I also love frozen butternut squash. I mix it with a little brown sugar. So good!!

The weather still sucks here but thank goodness, I can work from home tomorrow. Also, school starts!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Today, it poured and poured buckets of rain. Then around noon, it stopped. Evie did NOT want to go out in the rain. I've been thinking about getting her the potty patch but I doubt she'd use it. I could put it on the back porch.

I went to the gym this AM then to the hospital to do my little tour. I will start volunteering there next Thursday. I cannot believe school starts this week. Back to the grind. This is a short week for me. I'm off on Friday! Kimmy is coming for a long weekend!! So excited.

The rain is not letting up this week. Blah. Let's hope it stops for the weekend, at least.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes

Did you watch the Golden Globes? I am so happy Sandra Bullock won for Blind Side. She gave a great speech, too. I didn't see Avatar but I am surprised it won Best Picture. Also, I thought George Clooney would win something. Cheers to Monique for Precious. That movie was hard to watch but great acting. Ugh and the Hangover for best comedy. I thought that movie sucked. I love Sandra Bullock, Robert Downey Jr, Drew Barrymore & Meryl Streep. Can't wait for the Oscar nominations!

Stormy Week

It is the rainy season but man this week is going to be rough. The news is having stories about 'being prepared' and talking about high winds. The last time this happened, trees were uprooted & streets were flooded!


This weekend was rainy & we were lazy. Yesterday, we went to the sports store & I got new sneakers. I got last years model which were on sale. I had asked the guy the difference between this year & last and he said nothing! So, I saved $30 on a pair of shoes! We also made some more wontons for dinner. I stuffed mine with garlic chicken & asparagus. So good!! We also watched 'Good Night & Good Luck'. It was so boring plus, it was in black & white. Do not recommend!!

Today, I tried out Whole Foods. I wasn't impressed. Produce looked great but was expensive and for the other groceries I needed, they were out of a lot of stuff. I got a few things but went to Safeway for my majority of groceries. I will say that I love the vacuum packed 2 piece of salmon packs. The portion is perfect for me and the price is amazing. I saved $30 on my bill with my Safeway card and coupons. Soooooo...Safeway is it. I am going to try to buy stuff on sale and stock up. (Kristine - I stocked up on ground turkey this week - they were 2/$5 so I got 4!)

Golden Globes are on tonight. I love Drew Barrymore. Like, i want to be her friend. She seems so fun. I also LOVE Jennifer Aniston's hair. I hate how they cut everyone off like 5 seconds into their acceptance speech.

Anyway - No work tomorrow - we are off for MLK Day. I am finally going to the hospital to finish my orientation(aka a self guided tour) so I can start volunteering every other week. I'm excited to start!!


LL Bean has new super cute whale sheets. I will have to get these. They are too perfect to pass up!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Erik got his rollerblades sent to CA from home. Now, he can rollerblade with Evie just like Cesar! We tried it today in the parking lot. You can see them skating in the video. She really got into pulling him around. This will be a good workout for her!

Also, check out Erik testing out his skates to old school rap

New Blanket

As I mentioned, we got a new blanket last week. I cannot begin to express the softness of this blanket. It is also really big so you can get wrapped up in it. Evie thinks its hers....

This is how we use the heater. Prop it up, put it on full blast & fall asleep. Even Evie knows whats up & how to lay in front of it.

Movie Night: Up In The Air

Last night was monthly movie night & was saw Up In The Air. We all really liked it! This month it was just three of us: Lisa, her co-worker Maralisa and myself. First up, we had a great dinner at this chines place, DragonWell.

The movie is about a guy who travels for a living to fire people from different companies. How topical & relevant as we get out of 2009! He is soon partnered with a recent college grad who thinks she can save the company money by changing his job drastically. So, he takes her on the road to show her the ropes. Along the way, meets a fellow traveler lady friend and really thinks about what he is doing with this life, his family, & how happy he is. It's funny at parts and overall, I really liked it.

This movie is up for a ton of Golden Globe awards, too. I recommend!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I am sad to learn today that my fave lunch at Boudin is almost 1,000 calories. UNREAL. 1/2 of a turkey avocado sandwich and tomato soup. Sad. I'm sure my fave lunch at SF Soup Co is the same: Corn Chowder and 1/2 a turkey sandwich.

No wonder that I eat and workout and things seem to stay the same. These calories have got to go!

Book Review: Cleaving

Just finished Cleaving by Julie Powell. This is the author's second book after writing "Julie & Julia". J&J was cute, fun, and light hearted. Cleaving is not. Now J&J was written back in 2005 so Cleaving takes place after that. In Cleaving, Julie wants to learn how to be a butcher. She becomes a butcher apprentice for six months. This book is also about her strange marriage and how she cheats on her husband for almost 2 years. So she cheats on him, becomes a butcher, tries to go back to him and ends up traveling alone for another six months.

The Butchery description of this book is DISGUSTING. I skipped over so much of it. I do not eat cows, pigs, or lambs so of course I am not reading that. I also do not want to read about someone cheating on their husband. The only part I liked of this book was reading about her travels. It made me want to go to Africa.

If you want to learn about butchery, I recommend this book. If you don't care to learn about chopping up animals, or reading about cheating on your husband, stay away. Overall, I do not recommend this book. Read J&J and see the movie instead.


I have this little project I want to do. I want to get a chair and reupholster it. I know our place is super tiny but I need a little corner to myself. I want to get this chair and put it in the corner of our bedroom. I would have to get fabric & tools and do it. I found instructions online.I have to do some measuring & think about how to do it.

Anyone ever done this before???

It's Back: Dream Home

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Last night, we got some shipments from CT. These were gifts that we could not carry back. It was like Christmas all over again. We got this awesome set of KitchenAid Stainless Steel pots & pans. We promptly threw out our nasty non-stick pans that were chipping. We got this supersoft blanket that I love(and promptly fell asleep at 9pm on the couch with it). Plus, Erik got his rollerblades(so he can rollerblade around with Evie like Cesar) and he got a new guitar!

I rented the movie Frost/Nixon which won some Oscars last year or the year before. I couldn't stay up! I will try again this weekend.

Tonight, I am going to a work dinner at the Fifth Floor. Everyone is saying how fancy & wonderful the food is. We'll see! I am already looking at the menu and thinking about having the heirloom tomato salad or crab cappuccino or the big eye tuna to start. Then, the black cod or the seared scallops for my meal. There are about 15 of us going to dinner to celebrate the launch of a new project. If you haven't yet, don't forget to sign up to win a free washer & dryer every day for 90 days at!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If I hear...

If I hear the word 'Soy Joy' ONE MORE TIME, I'm going to lose it. The other agency in the building has Soy Joy bars as an account and they must say it like 1,000 times per day!!!!!!


Is anyone watching the Bachelor? I can't stand this show yet can't stop watching. I do NOT like this Bachelor. He is so dorky! I mean, they all are but he puts me over the top. Did he really CRY last night?

In other news, Biggest Loser is on tonight and I can't wait. Love that show. This group is seriously, the heaviest they've ever had. One guy was over 500lbs.

Last night I made turkey meatballs with whole wheat pasta. I've been thinking about trying one new recipe per month & posting it on here. We'll see. School is starting soon and I will be going crazy.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Breakfast

This is my new breakfast that tastes so good & keeps me FULL until noon. Try it!

1 packet of oatmeal made with milk
1 scoop of almond butter
1 chopped banana

Mix together. Delish!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I spend So much money on groceries and I cannot figure out how to get the bill down. I spend $60-$80 a week for MYSELF on groceries. Don't you think that is a little high? I don't eat a lot of frozen or processed food so I don't find a lot of coupons out there. The Safeway card saves me a lot but is there anything else I can do? Here is what I got for $80 today. Do you guys think that this is a lot of money for what I got or that I am spending a ton? Or do you think this is reasonable for what I got?

1 package of chicken breasts
2 packs of ground turkey
2 bags of lettuce(Buy one get one free!)
5 boxes of oatmeal (Buy 2, get 3 free - I saved $15!)
5 fresh pears
1 box of pasta
1 can of tomato sauce
1 bag of croutons
1 cucumber
1 container of little tomatos
1 half-gallon of milk
1 box of brown rice
2 bags of frozen veggies
1 frozen pizza
1 toothpaste
1 cleaning spray
1 bunch of bananas
1 can of black beans
1 jar of strawberry jam


On Friday - I did exactly what I wanted to do which was eat pizza, drink wine, and watch a movie.

On Saturday - We did all of the laundry and cleaning. Erik did a lot of cooking. He made us breakfast, lunch, and himself dinner. WE had eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast. Then, we made veggie filled wontons! He had his in soup but I put mine over rice. SO good & easy to make.

Today we slept in late. I never sleep til 930! Even Evie slept in! Lazy Sunday - grocery shopping, made some phone calls to people back East, and did some research on a Tahoe house. We are looking to rent a house in Tahoe for a weekend in February!

Evie catching pasta

When Marla was here, she played catch the pasta with Evie.

New Rug

Last week, we got a new rug. It is perfect. The couch is brown with tan & blue pillows. The rug is blue with a tan and brown stripe. I kept saying that I think this just 'ties the whole room together' and lights up the room. Here it is!


I want to give a shout out to Sarah to say Congratulations on your engagement!!! Sarah & John are planning their wedding for later this year after he proposed last month!!

Julie & Julia Movie

I watched Julie & Julia and thought it was really cute. I actually liked the book better than the movie. It is usually the other way around for me. I love Meryl Streep though & she really made the movie. She did a great job as Julia Child. I don't think I realized that Julia Child was so funny! So, I recommend this movie!

Friday, January 8, 2010


TGIF. The first week of 2010 is over! This week was busy at work, as usual. I also did not return to the gym until TODAY. Yes, I went today at lunch and now I am ready for a nap at 2pm. My legs are going to be aching but I had to go back. So, the worst is over.

Last night & this AM, Evie and walked thru Alamo Sq. There were a ton of trucks & trailers pulled up so I knew something was filming. Of course, I have to find out. I asked a Security guy last night & he said 'a movie'. This AM, i asked the park ranger and she said ' A movie for TV' and showed me the homes they were filming in. Then I asked another security guy & he said, its the TV show Trauma. Ugh. Just that show. I wanted some big movie blockbuster based on all of the trailers they had lining the park! Oh well.

I am so excited to go home today, walk Evie, eat pizza with some red wine and watch Julie & Julia! I read the book last year and want to see how the movie stacks up. As for the weekend, we are laying low & doing laundry and stuff. Erik is cooking some new recipe he found for wonton soup.

Have a good weekend!

New fave drink

New fave drink at Starbucks....Vanilla Rooibo Tea Latte. Its only 160 calories!

SO good.

Proud Mama

I am SO proud of Evie lately. She has been so good. I have been watching a ton of Cesar Millan now that we get the NatGeo channel again. Cesar teaches the same lessons in every episode so when you watch them enough, you get what he is saying. It's not really that Evie is a bad dog, its that I am nervous with her so she acts out. She basically feels me being nervous and tells other people, watch out b/c my owner is nervous. I also learned that she is not doing the right behavior around other dogs. She sometimes sits down when they try to smell her butt & that is not cool. That is like not extending your hand to someone. So today, 3 dogs ran up to her at Alamo and I just kept cool and tried moving her around so that they could smell & it worked great.

I literally have to like talk to myself in my head that I am the leader and boss when I am with her. She looks at me while we aer walking now. If she gets all excited when a dog is coming, I just give her a little tug on and she stops. We aer able to walk past previously scary people without a peep out of her. Plus, this morning, we stopped to talk to a Park Ranger and she sat right next to me without moving. I was shocked.

So, I am Cesar Jr. hahaha.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back to Reality

I still haven't had a coffee or soda. I really want a warm cup of coffee but I am not using splenda. Did you know that the USDA denied Splenda like 5x before it finally got pushed through? You know who was behind getting it approved - Donald Rumsfeld. You know that lobbyists pay off those politicians to put bad things in the marketplace.

Anyway, I might just try decaf. We'll see.

This morning, the bus was so crowded. I was butt to butt with some stranger. I hate that!! I wish Erik would drive me to work every day or that I had a driver.

Attempting to go to spinning tonight. I dont like spinning but I HAVE to go to the gym.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to School

I was able to register for my MicroBio class. School starts on Wed 1/20. Back to the grind. I am going to tell my boss I am taking a class and need to leave at 5pm on Mon & Wed. I am also volunteering at the hospital on Thursday nights. It will be a busy semester but I am one step closer to my goal!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As you know, last year I had to get that mouth guard because I was grinding my teeth and causing gum recession. Lovely. Got the mouth guard but still don't floss that well. Few times a week, not daily. I know this is aproblem. I am too old NOT to floss. My tooth started hurting a few weeks ago & it was hard to eat on the right side of my mouth. I, of course, went right to needing a root canal or a gum graft.

So, I had an appt at the dentist for late Jan but moved it to today. They looked at my tooth and said the gum recession is really not that bad and I just need to use Sensodyne toothpaste. That's it! I mean, I had it all cooked up in my head on how I was going to be eating soft foods for a week after my gum graft. Unreal.

So, now I have to 1)Floss daily 2)Don't brush so hard 3)use Sensodyne toothpaste ONLY.


Last night, I ate dinner, laid on the couch, put the heater directly on me and passed out. I woke up at midnight when Erik came home. I felt bad that I didn't really play with Evie but at least we went out for a nice walk. I was exhausted.

Today, I feel better.

Check out this quote. I think it is perfect!

Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on."
--Led Zeppelin,
British rock band, from "Stairway to Heaven"

I got into that Microbio class. Can you believe it? I feel like I am one step closer to my goal.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 3: No Caffeine

Its 330pm and I am ready to fall asleep on my desk. I am NOT going to get a coffee though.

Movie Reviews

I saw two movies this past week and both I give a thumbs DOWN:

1. Ghosts of Girlfriends past
Old idea, lame acting, Matthew McConaguhey played the same type of guy he played in How to Lose A guy in 10 Days and it had Jennifer Garner, who I cannot stand.

2. 500 days of Summer
Boring. It was like a love story in reverse. Boring.

Concious Cook

Erik got me this great cookbook for Christmas. I can't wait to use it. The chef who wrote it is vegan but the recipes look soooo yummy. I will let you know when I make something from the book.

Back to Work

Today is my first day back to work in two weeks. Surprisingly, it wasn't that hard getting up, even without coffee.

Marla's visit was very fun even though we did a whole lot of nothing. We did leave the house each day so that is a start. She got here on Wed 11/30 and we went out to lunch. We also went to Target and finally bought space heaters. They are amazing & transforming our life. Evie even lays down in front of it and is CALM.

Thurs was New Years Eve. We did not go out. We wanted to go to karaoke but never made it. We ate at home and watched the ball drop in NYC at 9pmPST. I think it is so lame that they just replay the ball dropping for the West Coast. We should have our own ball drop!

New Years Day, we sat around and watched like 5 episodes of Cesar Millan. Then, we went to the Tonga Room (a Tiki bar/restaurant) and had a fruity cocktail. We were going to go to another tiki bar but were too tired.(Note: This was at 7pm)

On Saturday, we left the house to go up to Chestnut Street and get a cupcake from Kara's Cupcakes. Erik made us walk around too. We were tired. haha. I did find some good nail spots for a cheap mani/pedi. Also realized there are good restaurants and bars up there that we never go to.

Sunday, we only left the house to get chicken & waffles at Gussies. I've been wanting to go here since it opened & no one would go. Well finally, I got my chicken & waffles and it was goooood.

Marla left this AM at like 3am. She took Super Shuttle which was good. Evie LOVES Marla. She loves to play with her and cuddle with her. Its amazing.

So, now back on track. Day 3 of no coffee and soda and doing fine!! Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea is really good!! Work is fine so far and I have a goal to go to the gym at 630 for kickboxing but I KNOW at 3pm, I will be so tired.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vacation Over

Today is the last day of Christmas Vacation. Marla leaves tomorrow AM and I go back to work. It has been a fun two weeks off. This week, we have just been lounging, watching Tv and doing nothing. It has been fun!!

So, I read the book Skinny Bitch. I have heard if you read this book, you will be vegan instantly and never want to touch meat again. Well, I know a lot about the food industry, slaughterhouses, and how food is produced. This is why I do not eat pork or beef. However, the book made me think twice about dairy and caffeine. Basically, they said that coffee makes an acidic environment in your body and cancer likes acidic environments. Also, I know that I am addicted to caffeeine. I love Diet Dr. Pepper and coffee. So, I am trying to see how I do without it. I haven't had a soda or coffee for two days now. I have had a headache for two days now and it sucks.

I also tried rice milk - BLECH! Gross. I like real milk. Despite what I know about milk and overproduction, I like the way it tastes.

So, I'm sticking withthe milk and trying no caffeine. I'll let you know how it goes.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Books I read in 2009

20. True Compass - Ted Kennedy
19. The Blind Side - Michael Lewis
18. Handle with Care - Jodi Picoult
17. My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult
16. Julie & Julia - Julie Powell
15. Everyone is Beautiful - Katherine Center
14. Name All The Animals - Alison Smith
13. Time of My Life - Alison Winn Scotch
12. Little Bee - Chris Cleave
11. American Wife - Curtis Sittenfeld
10. Always Looking Up - Michael J. Fox
9. Man of My Dreams - Curtis Sittenfeld
8. The Little Giant of Aberdeen County -Tiffany Baker
7. Lucky Man - Michael J. Fox
6. Beautiful Boy - David Sheff
5. Tweak - Nic Sheff
4. The Zookeeper's Wife - Diane Ackerman
3. Here's The Story - Maureen McCormick
2. Diary of a Working Girl - Daniella Brodsky
1. The Chris Farley Show