Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Super Fun Weekend

Since Thursday is my last day at work, I am off on Friday - Monday! This is my birthday weekend and we have a lot of fun stuff planned!

On Friday, a few of us are going out to birthday dinner at Umami.

The restaurant is cool inside and the food is so good.

The sushi here is delish AND they have this fun dessert which is a cookie dough roll with vanilla ice cream in the inside.

On Saturday, we are going to bring Evie to camp and head down to Paso Robles. There are a lot of wineries down there so we are going to do some wine tasting.

Then, we are going to stay overnight in Pismo Beach.

The next day, we are going to Hearst Castle!

It sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

Goodbye Drinks

Yesterday, after work, we went to happy hour for my 'Goodbye Drinks'. I chose Harry's because it was the first bar we ever went to when I joined the SF team.

Erik even came out, so that was fun to have him there. I will definitely miss this team but I know it's time to move on and try a new challenge. Plus, I'm not leaving the city and can meet up with these ladies whenever we can. And, I definitely don't think we all view each other as 'co-workers' but we really are friends.

So, tomorrow is my last day here at work!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1st Dog Walking Day

Last night, Lauren, the new dog walker, came over to get a key. Today is the first day she is going to walk Evie. I was a little nervous, of course. Lauren called me after the walk & said everything went well! We will have her walk Evie twice a week for now! I think this will be a nice break for her to get out of the house for a little bit.

Things I love in March

Here are some things I am loving this month:
You can get designer & non-designer clothes 50% off. This includes designer jeans like Seven for under $100!

Sandwich Thins

Low cal, lower carb than a roll or bagel

Coach Flats
I'm not one to buy things with logos on it but I just think these Coach flats are super cute! Too bad you can't use the Macy's coupons on them!

That Dress
Thanks to the Re-Lilly FB page, I have gotten some advice on where to find this dress for cheaper!

My new Iphone 4
I got the iPhone 4 as a birthday gift and Loooooove it!