Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

I think this is a commercial but I saw this written by someone on FB:

This was the year where we traded in reservations and box seats, for meatloaf and jenga. this was the year where we realized that the people gathered with us around the television, was much more important than the size of our television.....

How true....2009 was a rocky year. I am glad to say goodbye to 2009! What would the year be without a few lessons we go:

1. Never get bangs again. They are a hassle and more effort than they're worth
2. Always buy the school parking pass when you sign up for a class. ALWAYS.
3. Look both ways before crossing the street. 10 times. Do not expect drivers to stop. I have seen it first hand.
4. As a driver, stop for someone in the crosswalk. Don't rush. Be late to work, the appointment, or to meet your friend. Rushing and possibly hurting someone is not worth it.
5. Your job is what you do, not who you are. Your job could be gone in an instant. Make sure the person who is left is someone you like and proud of without the mask of your job on.

Here's to a better 2010. A new decade. Hopefully we all hold onto the lessons we learned last year for a prosperous new year!

This week

On Tuesday, I took all of the Christmas stuff down. I just felt like the holiday was over and wanted it all put away. So, everything went back in the bins. Erik had to work so Evie and I just chilled and did the laundry & everything. Marla arrived on Wednesday so we had to get ready for her arrival.

I'm so happy to have a buddy here while I am off from work. We don't have any big plans while she is here. Tonight is New Years Eve and we are already saying, we will probably plan to go out but stay home. haha.

Hope you enjoy your New Years Eve!! Goodbye 2009!

Last day in CT

Sunday was our last day in CT. My mom, sister & I did a few errands together .We got our nails done and then we had birthday cake for my parents. Their birthdays are 12/18 and 12/24!

US with our little pal, Khai

We left on Monday on a 4pm flight. It was great to not get up so early in the AM to get an early flight. We got home on Monday, got the car, and picked up Evie. She was so excited to see us and of course, I missed her so much!!

Hanging Out

Well one thing I learned when we take a trip home is not to make all of these individual lunch and dinner appointments with people. It takes up too much time and I end up running around, not enjoying myself. So, now I just pick a day, time, & place and say lets meet up. So, last Saturday, we did that. We met up at a bar in downtown Milford and it was fun to see everyone.


Me & Sarah

Souk, Jaime, & Erik

Jess, Sarah, Me, & Marla

Me & Marla. We kept sinking into the couch!

After the bar, we went to my favorite place for WINGS! ANd nachos! it was great.


Christmas morning, we opened gifts at Erik's first with his family. Then, we went to my parents house for Christmas Dinner and more gifts.

We gave Mom & Dad the Wii fit

Me & Shiloh, my parents dog

Christmas Dinner: Scott & Kimmy

Dad & Mom

Me & Erik (he had a nice shirt on before this but got red wine on it!)

Grandma & Grandpa!

We opened gifts and finished the night with lots of wine!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was very fun. First, we made cookies with Grandma. We had yummy sandwiches from Napoli deli. It was also my mom's birthday so we gave her gifts!

Then, I went to Erik's for Christmas Eve where they had a big dinner and a lot of his family came over. We had so much good food including...fried turkey!

The kids were running around and having fun. Then, they opened their gifts before they went home for Santa!

Acting like the 'Step Brothers'

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

20th Book of the year: True Compass

I just finished my 20th book of 2009: Ted Kennedy's memoir. It was pretty long but I really enjoyed it. It was very insightful to read about the past such as the 60's and hear what it was like for him to work with Jack & Bobby in politics.

He really fought very hard for healthcare ever since the 70's and social programs. He was also one of the first politicians to stand up for gay rights in the 70's. That was pretty much unheard of. As the youngest from a huge family, he became one of the most successful siblings.

To get an insight into the Kennedy family, the Senate, and Ted's life, check out this book. I recommend it.

My goal for 2010 is to read 25 books.

Super Sister Day in NY

Last Wednesday, Kimmy & I went to NYC together. We had SO much fun.

First up - Empire State Building. Can you believe I've never been? Beautiful views. Freezing on top at the 86th Floor.

Then, onto John's Pizza!! So good.

Then, onto the main event......our 2nd time seeing HAIR. We had awesome, aisle seats in the orchestra. The show was better the second time around. PLUS, since we were on the aisle, the actors came right up to us. I got a kiss on the cheek. Kimmy got a hug from Kacie Shiek. The ultimate part of the show was at the end. After they bow, they invite you up to dance with them to Let the Sun Shine In. OMG. We RAN to the stage. It was amazing. We got on Broadway! One of the actors grabbed us and we were all singing together. I mean, it was just so great. I can die happy now. Afterwards, we waited at the stage door to meet our Broadway boyfriends:

Pre show - getting excited

pre show looking crazy

Pre Show - Feeling the 60s love

Shot of the stage when we were on it!! Let the Sun Shine

Kimmys imposter BB#1 - Gavin Creel is real BB #1

Kimmys BB #2

My BB #1!!! Steel Burkhardt

Broadway Boyfriend #2 - Darius Nichols

My imposter BB #3 - Gavin Creel normally plays Claude but this guy Jay played him & did a great job.

After we came down from the clouds of being on Broadway, we met our BFF Jess & Fang at Dempseys for happy hour. Then, we went to an amazing dinner at Paul & JImmys. A friends boyfriends family owns the restaurant and it was delish. Cute little italian place in the east village. I had exactly what I wanted - penne vodka, a huge glass or red wine, and a canoli. Everyone's meals were perfect.

Then, we took the train home and dreamt of Hair and canolis. haha.

Were back

We are back in SF. We got back last night. We took a 330pm flight out of NY that really left at 5pm and got back around 8. We picked up the car & the dog and came home. Promptly ate and fell asleep on the couches. Today I am putting all of the Christmas stuff away. I can't really stand looking at it anymore. I feel like the holiday is over. Well we had a great time in CT seeing friends & family, going to NY....I will post pics soon.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sleigh Bells Ring....

We are leaving on a jet plane tomorrow at 730am for CT! We're so excited to go home for Christmas. We haven't been home for the holidays in 2 yrs! On Wednesday, Kimmy & I have a very special Super Sister Day planned in NYC including the Empire State Bldg, seeing HAIR, and eating yummy food. I can already taste the red wine and cannoli in my mouth!! haha.

Anyway, we can't wait to spend Christmas Eve with Erik's family and Christmas Day with mine. We are very lucky our parents live 4 miles away from each other, in the same town. We are going to meet up with friends on Sat night and just chill. I have learned from our few trips home to NOT plan every second. When I do that, I can't enjoy anything, I get a stomachache and it sucks. So, we are going to enjoy ourselves in the cold!


Almost time to go

Yesterday was a great day. Amy & I went to see the Nutcracker! This is our third year in a row going to the show. It is great. I love how it is supposed to be set in SF. I love the snowflakes, the flowers, and the Russians.

Afterwards, we had a nice dinner at this little place - Cafe Altano. It was surprisingly good - it's pretty knew and we didn't know what to expect. Good italian food in a non-italian neighborhood.

Anyway, I also packed last night. I wanted to figure out how to pack my clothes. Unfortunately, I have to check a bag. UGH.

Today, we went to this cute place, Terra Mia, to do pottery with our clients. We had lunch, did pottery, and had a white elephant. I'm so excited - I got 2 movies: Love Actually and The Holiday!! Woohoo.

I dropped Evie at camp today. I feel sad bringing her which is why Erik normally brings her. She ran in to see the owners which is great and then I say goodbye and she wants to stay with me. So, they told me where she would be sleeping(in a room) and that she would be fine. I know she will be fine. She makes me crazy but she is my baby boo and I will miss her.

In other news - Um, has anyone seen the commercials for the Little Chocolatiers? I think TLC has an obsession with little people.

Also, are the Roloffs getting divorced or what? All season, they have been complaining about how they aren't friends anymore and don't know what to do now that the kids are growing up. She can't stand him. He spends so much money on his projects and buys $50K Mercedes without asking her.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


On Saturday, we cleaned and I took Evie to Buena Vista. It was about 55 out and sunny. We were NOT jealous of the blizzard on the east coast. I dont like being cold OR snow so it was fine by me to be in SF!

Eating dirt

We saw these doors walking home. Don't they look so cute.

Christmas dog! Later at night, we had a crab dinner and exchanged gifts. Evie likes opening presents. Her big gift was a vacation so she didn't get too much. We are bringing her to camp tomorrow to stay while we are in CT.

We leave on Tues AM. I hope there is no more snow!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Card

Here is our Christmas Card this year! I love it! This is perfect for us since Erik is a surfer dude.

My friend Kira, who is the owner of Nuena Photography, took our photo. Evie looks so proud. haha. She is showing off her abs.