Sunday, February 22, 2009

Citizen Cake Review

Last night, Erik & I went to Citizen Cake. It was pretty empty in there which I think was a sign of the economic times. Citizen Cake is not cheap & they have a limited menu. We started with soup & salad. Erik had the soup and I had salad, which was a huge portion. For dinner, he had the crab risotto and I had the scallops. His portion was not that big and didn't really fill him up. My scallops were very good. I only like scallops when they are cooked well. These were carmelized in a brown butter sauce so I really liked them.

CC is known for their desserts since the chef did write a dessert cookbook. However, we weren't in the mood and Erik wanted a crepe from a place near our house, anyway. We probably offended our server by saying no to dessert but oh well.

I'm glad we tried this restaurant since we've been wanting to go for awhile however, I would not go back. I wouldn't recommend this restaurant to anyone either since there are plenty of other, cheaper restaurants in the city which are better.

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Betsy said...

I've been here for brunch and it was really good from what I remember. I have heard that the dinner is a little disappointing for the price.