Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Exploring Oakland

Now that I work in Oakland, I am SO excited to explore the city. Oakland has so many good restaurants and bars. I really would never go over there if it weren't for work. Think of SF'ers going to Oakland like Manhattaners going to New Jersey. haha It's a shame though because Oakland has a lot to offer.

My first stop on exploring Oakland was dinner at Haven with Nicole & Andrea.It is in Jack London Square, near the water. Great restaurant design; very open and airy. Service was pretty good. The food was just OK and pricey.

We shared a beet and burrata salad to start and that was delish. For dinner, I had the cod which was ok. It was pretty salty. Nicole had a pasta with pancetta and an egg which she liked. She ordered squash on the side though and it was SO good. Andrea had the vegetarian dish with polenta which we all loved and that was probably the winning dish.

Cute place, but the food wasn't that great. Don't think we will be back since there is so much more to explore in Oakland!

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