Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seward Slides Walk

Evie and I decided to take a looonnng walk one day this week and so we set out to find the Seward Slides. The slides are a pair of concrete slides literally hidden in the Castro. They are snuggled in between two homes and a small community garden. So Cool! I love hidden stuff in SF like this, especially all of the random staircases we have found in the area.

We walked approx. 3.5 mile round trip to find the slides and go home. It was a long walk but it was great. Thank goodness for Google Maps on my phone to help us get there! Here they are:

Unfortunately, the slides were closed at the time we arrived. I'm sure Evie would've loved going down. haha. We also hit up Kite Hill on our way to the slides, which had an amazing view of the city.

Evie loved exploring new streets and smells. We really love just finding new places and walking to check them out. It is how we learned to get around and see new things in SF!

Now, we have to head back to the slides when they are actually open to go down.

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