Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fun Weekend

This weekend was all fun, all weekend! We kicked off the weekend on Friday by heading to Lucky 13 to celebrate our friend Greg's 30th birthday. Betsy was there, Tiffany came into the city, Amy came out, and it was a great time!

Saturday AM at 7am didn't feel like a great time but we all showed up to run at 8 am together. We all ran together because we are training for the Nike half and full marathon with Team in Training! We have been at it a few weeks and it's going great. We run with the team on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We are only up to running the 3 miles at a time. Betsy & I are running the Half and the husbands are running the full. They are already up to 5mile runs!

After running, we headed up to Marin county with Betsy and Greg to the Inkwells in Lagunitas, CA. It was So hot on Saturday - in the 80's and even warm in SF. Underneath the Inkwell bridge, there are these natural pools and streams that you can go to layout near and swim in. We set up seats and just sat in the sun & lounged all afternoon. The boys jumped off the rock at one point into the pool and everyone else there was jumping in, too. I stuck to just hanging out in the shallow water - it was COLD!

After chillin' in the sun, we went to Iron Springs Pub & Brewery for a drink. They had a bunch of beers on tap which was awesome. We were also able to sit outside in the heat which was great. That is not something you get to do often in SF!

It was great to get to be up in Marin and see all of the cute towns, with woods all around, and warm weather.

Sunday was another fun day that started off with breakfast at one of our fave spots, Radish! It was a Doggie Father's Day breakfast to Erik. haha. Evie even gave him a card today to tell him how much she loved him. We hit up the Farmer's Market, Erik surfed, and I got a mani/pedi. To wrap up the day, we saw Prometheus

 It's not my type of movie but it was pretty good to watch - action packed with gross alien scenes. haha

Great weekend with friends and lots of FUN. Here's to a great week!

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