Saturday, June 23, 2012

Food Truck Frenzy

On Friday, Erik and I finally went to "Off The Grid" in the Presidio. Off The Grid has been around for awhile and is essentially the gathering of amazing food trucks in the city. They have Off The Grid in different neighborhoods on different days but Friday is the big Kahuna. We decided to finally go, since we have not been to try everything in one spot before.

We walked around and stopped and ate where we saw fit. I did go into the event thinking I wanted a fried chicken sandwich so I was sort of on the hunt for it.
We first stopped at Wing Wings for some limon pepper wings which were pretty good. Then, we found 3 Sum Meats where they had...fried chicken sandwiches! We got one each and also got a Funfetti Twinkie from them. I also wanted the Mac & Cheese spring rolls but knew I would be stuffed. Next time!

We really wanted to try this Vietnamese truck for a noodle bowl but after the fried chicken, we were done. At this point, it was also starting to heavy mist/fog was sitting on top of us, so we headed home.

Off The Grid was awesome and I can't wait to go back!!

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