Thursday, October 23, 2008


I think I am canceling my gym membership. I am actually sitting here right now and wishing I had a kickboxing DVD that I could do right here. It is hard to come home from work, walk/exercise Evie, then do it myself. I have to drive to the gym from my house. I either have to go to the gym first and rush home to let Evie out or I have to walk her first and then go to the gym. You can imagine that walking her first doesn't work out b/c then I don't want to go. There is a gym downtown but it is PACKED. Packed to the point that you have to be there 30 min ahead for classes or you have to wait for machines. Cristin and I went once and walked out b/c there were no machines.

I honestly run around the park with Evie or walk her. Yesterday I was sprinting around the park to get her to chase me. Erik has a ton of yoga videos, we have some weights, and I could get a kickboxing video.

I mean, at this point, I am wasting $30/mo by not going.

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Taralyn said...

you know what the say....only the cool people pay for a membership and don't use it. i know someone who pays for 2 different memberships and doesn't use either. he's the coolest.