Thursday, October 16, 2008

Last night

I didnt go see Clinton Kelly. I just didn't feel like walking down there and then I wouldn't get home until like 7. Plus, I wasn't going to buy his book. Plus Plus, I didn't love my outfit and if I am going to meet Clinton, you have to look good and follow the 'Rules'.

I made the butternut squash risotto except I think I used acorn squash. Well, whatever I used it was a pain to cut up so I'm probably not making that again.

Evie was a crazy girl last night. She went for a walk/run, played, ate, and still sat and barked at me. We haven't seen her doggie friends lately. We haven't seen Wasabi in ages. That is only thing that gets her energy out. Also, its a full moon. Maybe that is making her crazy.

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