Monday, March 19, 2012

Dancing Sunday

On Sunday morning, Erik and I did something that turned out to be really fun.

We took a dance lesson.

We had talked about taking a lesson to learn a couple steps for our first dance at the wedding. I did some research and found this great school called the Pick School of Dance which hosts Wedding Workshops specifically for the reason we were discussing!

We were in a class with about five other couples and we learned a few steps of the Fox Trot and Swing. It was a good time & even Erik enjoyed it. We actually met another couple from Connecticut, too. Small world!

After dancing, we went to brunch at Parkside Tavern. We had a delicious brunch! I had the Open Faced Veggie Omelet and Erik had the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict.

I have also been craving a Bloody Mary so I finally got one! It had a huge stalk of celery, asparagus, a lime, an olive, and an onion in it. They have bottomless Bloody Mary's and Mimosa's for $10 there!

After brunch, we picked up Luis and hung out for the afternoon. We went back to our place and watched a movie and played with Evie. She was really really good for Luis.

This photo is funny, below, because the two of us were jammed on the ottoman together. She insisted on climbing up and sitting right next to me when most of the couch was free. What a baby!

 For dinner, we took Luis to our favorite sushi place - Domo. We haven't been there in awhile and of course, it was delicious! What a great Sunday. Very fun dance lesson, brunch at a new place, getting to see family, and hanging out together all day.

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