Monday, March 26, 2012

Hungry Brunch & Hunger Games

On Sunday, Erik and I walked up to Cole Valley to try to have brunch at Zazie. Zazie is a brunch hot spot and we didn't have a reservation. When we walked up, we saw the throngs of people cluttering the sidewalk. It was easily an hour wait. Yeah, not going to wait that long!

So, we walked a block and went to Crepes on Cole instead. Our brunch was delicious! We each had the french toast which was really good. Cinnamon bread, bananas & strawberries, some powdered sugar - yum!
 After brunch, Erik went surfing and Evie and I went on a long walk. I think we covered about 3 miles. It was gray & gloomy out when we started our walk but we saw some cool stuff.
 Cool Mural
 Great Homes
 Nice Home Security
 Gloomy Skies
 A home painted like a jungle with a tiger on front of it. Apparently this is a known house aka The Tiger House. You can read more about it here.
 We stopped in the "Kezar Triangle" for Evie to run/roll/eat grass. She also found some great puddles to jump in and get totally muddy!
Can you believe this was the sky at the end of our walk? Goodbye clouds.

After our walk, Erik and I went to see The Hunger Games. I read all of the books so I was excited to see the movie come to life. It was pretty long (about 2.5 hr) and pretty true to the book. However, I think the book gives way more insight than you see on the film. Mostly because you can't hear Katniss' thoughts come thru in a movie! But, overall it was pretty good.

Now onto a busy week!

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