Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wild Wednesday

On Wednesday, we were in meetings all day until around 5pm. My new boss and I stopped for happy hour at Fleming's and we found quite the deal.

The happy hour deal is 5 cocktails, 5 wines by the glass and 5 appetizers. $6 each, served at the bar until 7 PM. Is that amazing or what!? We each had some wine. She had the burger (for $6!!) and I had this awesome dish of ravioli. It was soooo good.

After our happy hour, we stopped at P.F. Chang's for another glass of wine and the chicken lettuce wraps. Sooo good.

It was a fun way to wrap up our quick trip. This AM, we woke up super early for our flight back to SF. I was excited because I got to get Dunkin' Donuts this AM. I also pretty much slept the entire flight back which was great.

SOooooo glad to be back in SF!

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