Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sunny Weekend

This past weekend was soooo nice. It was sunny and in the 70's. We got a lot done and had some fun!

The big thing that we did was pick out wedding bands!! So much fun to pick out a new ring. I had to give up my engagement ring though because they are making a band to match my engagement ring band. It is going to be SO beautiful when I can wear them both together.

Erik also picked out  a band that he likes. It's probably going to be weird for him to wear a ring at first!

We also had a yummy lobster dinner on Saturday night. Erik was in the mood for lobsters so he picked them up on his way home from surfing. YUM.

We tried out a new coffee place that is a few blocks from our house. Spent some time outside with Evie. Watched Moneyball. What a good movie! I actually liked Brad Pitt in this movie. I usually don't care for his films but he was good!

Great weekend! Speaking of weekends, we just made the timeline for to get us to the wedding date. Two months to go! We are getting soooo excited.

I also have the photos from the Shower & The Bachelorette so I will definitely post those soon to share those events and stories. SO FUN.

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