Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Dog Food Experience

On Wednesday morning, Evie and I walked over to the Vet to pick up a bag of dry dog food. We usually by the 17lb bag and it's not too bad of a walk home. Although, Evie is basically racing to get home to get into the new bag of food!

This time, I asked for the 17lb bag and paid for it but they really gave me the 35lb bag. WOW. It made our walk home difficult. haha. Carrying the 35lb bag of food AND having Evie drag me home was really fun at 7am!

As soon as we got home, she sat in the kitchen waiting for me to open the bag of food. Then, as I am pouring it INTO her container, she sticks her face in to eat it from the bag. It is hilarious! It also gets all over the floor when she does this so she gets to eat from the bag, the container, and the floor.

Erik got his third gift on Wednesday night and it was a Pink Floyd Guitar Book!

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