Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rainy Tuesday

Monday, after work, was a little hectic. Erik picked me up since he drove to work, we got home, then I rushed through Evie's walk.

As we were out walking, she went poop and had grass stuck in it so she immediately sat down after pooping. This means, she smushed her butt right into poop. We ran home and I threw her in the tub with 10 minutes to spare before Bingo. I dried her off, she started running around and barking at me. I was going to kill her.

I ran down the street and made it to Bingo by 7pm. Whew.
 I have really started to think about Bingo. I only volunteer every other Monday but sometimes it is a hassle. I have been volunteering on a regular basis for about five or six years now extending back from when I used to walk the dogs at PAWS to Bingo.

I am starting to think if volunteering on a regular basis like this is something I want to do. Some nights, I am rushing home and barely getting to Bingo on time. I know that being late upsets the ladies but I am also upsetting myself and Evie by rushing and giving her a short walk.

I don't want to disappoint anyone and I don't want to feel like I'm not helping others. I don't know waht to do. This isn't the first time I am feeling like this....It's been almost 2 years of bingo. I can't believe it!

I guess I will think about it some more....

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