Friday, May 11, 2012

Almost 2 Weeks To Go

We really can't believe we are about two weeks away from the wedding. Soooo exciting! I think we are getting excited, antsy, and nervous about everything. It's a lot happening at once!

Erik is heading to Vegas this weekend to have a little Bachelor weekend with his brother Jaime. In honor of this trip, we watched the hilarious 80's moving "Bachelor Party" with Tom Hanks last weekend. Tom Hanks is pretty freaking funny in this movie.

While Erik is away, I have my *hopefully* final list of things to do and get. Our goal is to be done with wedding stuff by next week so that when our family arrives, there are just a few things to do with them but no more errands to the stores. I think we can do it!

In other big news, my last day at my job is next week since I have taken a new opportunity at a new company. The new company is so awesome and is letting me start AFTER the wedding. I will truly be relaxed for our wedding & vacation with no emails, projects to worry about, or colleagues calling me.

With only a few weeks to go, I keep singing wedding songs to Erik and of course, am wanting to watch "Father of the Bride" Such a good movie! I hope neither of our Dad's goes to the grocery store and rips apart hot dog buns! haha

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