Friday, May 11, 2012

Engagement Photos

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Erik and I had an engagement session with our photographer, Allison. We decided to do it near the water at this great park called Land's End. We both grew up on the water, we love the beach, Erik loves to surf, and we love hiking Land's End. It was a perfect setting! It was SUPER windy that day but we made it work!

Everyone knows I am anti-engagement photos because they always look so posed and strange but we really wanted to do these to get comfortable with Allison before the big day and also get some good pics of us in the mean time. I think we accomplished both and we both left that day saying that we had a good time. She didn't make us do any weird poses, either!

Here are some shots:

I think she captured us perfectly. We were laughing and having a good time. She didn't put us in any akward poses which was awesome. She also captured some in-between shots or times when we didn't think she was shooting which I think are some of the best pics.

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