Friday, May 4, 2012

Napa Bachelorette

On Saturday, we packed up the car with our overnight bags and plenty of snacks, picked up Amy, and headed to Napa! We met everyone at the hotel we were going to stay at and we were on our way. 

Kimmy arrived on Thursday night to start the fun weekend. On Friday, we went to pick up my wedding dress, hit up the craft store, and Target. We spent a lot of time picking out paper in Michael's to make table numbers. Then, two days later, I realized I didn't want to make all of them. Haha. I will be returning most of it.

On Friday night, we took Kimmy to the Southern Pacific Brewery for some beers. Then, we came home to make pizza and hang out. We had a big day ahead of us on Saturday in Napa. To set the tone for the day, when I saw my friend Cristin who I haven't seen in over a year  - I cried! Yep. I was so so happy to be with everyone and was ready for fun. Also, it was about 85 degrees up in Napa that day. WHEW! Good thing we started with champagne in the limo!

First up, we stopped at Black Stallion Winery. Delcious wine. Fun first stop.

 Kimmy, Cristin, Sarah, Amy, Me, Tiffany & Kelsey
 Next stop, was Luna Vineyards. How fitting! We had our own little seating area which was great. Loved the wines AND the Luna merchandise. Evie got a new collar out of that stop!

After Luna, everyone was having a LOT of fun. haha The car rides were getting more and more loud and fun in between each stop. 
 Our last winery stop was Rutherford Grove - where we got engaged! The same wine server was there serving us too, how weird!
 Here's me trying to tell everyone the engagement story. Yeeeepppppp!


 The winery tour ended and we stopped at hotel bar, then had dinner, then went back to our hotel with a pool. Oh there was also a Taco Bell run late night. 

Yep, a very fun day and night. I am so grateful for having wonderful friends out here and for Kimmy coming to visit. It was such a great day!!

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