Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DJ and OTB

Monday was super exciting because we had another meeting with our DJ about our wedding music. It was fun to sketch out the ceremony and also scary to realize how fast the night is going to go by. We keep reminding ourselves to just stop and take it all in. I did have a complete giggle fit when we got to the point where the DJ asked how we wanted to be introduced into the reception. When we said "Mr and Mrs.....", I was giggling and turning red. I don't think we have really said those words very much and it was really real to hear them out loud. It is still so unreal to us that we are getting married. Some days we just do not feel old enough to be doing this!

Anyway, after the meeting, we went to one of my old favorites for dinner - On the Border. I was so excited. Ordered the cup of Queso. Got the burrito with Queso on it. Then, felt soooo full and had a stomachache. I guess I can't eat that stuff like I used to!

Erik and I were talking about how ironic it is that our first real date was at On The Border and now here we are eating there again after a wedding meeting. Things have truly come full circle!!

So, here we are...in two weeks, we will be on our honeymoon in Mexico. SO crazy!!!

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