Friday, May 4, 2012

Don't trust this face

This sweet little girl can eat. Let me tell you know we know. On Saturday night, we had pizza and had bought two small pizzas. We had dinner and left the boxes (with pizza in them) on the counter. There was even a plate on top of the boxes.

We went out for my friend Andrea's birthday at Blackbird for maybe two hours. We came home from the bar to find quite the surprise.

Evie apparently jumped up on the counter, pulled the pizza boxes down, broke the plate, and devoured all of the pizza. We are talking a good 6 slices of pizza. Then, she went into the recycle bin and ripped apart a milk carton or two licking them clean.

When we walked in the house, she was wiggling around like a madman because she knew she was in trouble. I didn't even have to say anything and she knew to go in the bathroom (where I put her when she is bad). We cleaned everything up and I was just so mad at her. What bad behavior for a 6 year old!!!

She also punished herself by eating all of that food and probably had the worst stomachache the next day.

Note to self - Do not leave ANY food out, EVER!

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