Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend Update

This past weekend was full of wedding to-do's but we knocked them out and we are done with a few more things. The wedding is less than 20 days away and we are getting so excited!

On Saturday, we went out to visit with our Wedding Planner for our last meeting. We chose hor's de ouveres (sp!), table set ups, and talked details. After meeting with her, we headed back into SF to go to the jewelry store where we picked up our wedding rings. Unreal!! I cannot believe we have wedding bands.

On Saturday night, we met up with our friends Mike and Jane at Southern Pacific Brewery. We have been hitting up this spot a lot lately!

The Brewery

On Sunday, we went back downtown to look for a vest for Erik to wear with his suit. He did not buy a three piece suit but wanted to get a vest after the fact so we headed back to the store to find one. It was a pretty painless stop except you have to battle all of the people milling about downtown. Good thing we know how to get in & out of there quickly. After that, I think we all took a nap. haha

Things are all falling into place and last minute details are being handled for the wedding. We are so excited to see our friends and family in a few weeks!

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