Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday Copy Day

On Sunday, I did some house cleaning and then picked Erik up at the airport from his trip to Vegas. He was reallllly feeling great. Not. haha. That just means he had a really fun time so that is great!

As for the rest of our Sunday, my goal was to get some key elements printed for our wedding including something fun we are passing out at the ceremony, menus, and table numbers. I went to Office Depot and that copy center sucked. The one guy there really had no clue, and not a lot of paper options. I took a break from that and took Evie up to the Presidio to run around.

What I wouldn't give to let Evie off the leash to run like mad in this grass!

I laid in the grass while Evie sniffed and rolled around near me

This is her dog show pose

View from the grass. It was so nice to stop & just feel the sun and breeze
Before heading home, we stopped at Office Max to talk printing and they had a great set up. They have a whole Copy Center where you sit down and the guy goes over everything with you. I got 2 out of 4 things printed which was a success!

For dinner, we got take out Little Star Pizza and we watched Friends With Benefits. The movie was actually pretty good and funny!

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