Friday, May 4, 2012

Pickles and Pictures

Last Saturday, Amy and I headed out to Livermore to meet with the hairdresser for my hair trial. The woman was a little nuts but my hair came out fine. We stopped for lunch at a great sandwich place called, Mr. Pickles, which was delish. It was sunny and warm out in Livermore so it was a nice time to be out there. After the hair & lunch, we headed back to SF because Erik and I had to great ready for our engagement photos!

Yes, we have been engaged forever but we wanted to wait until closer to our wedding to do our photos. This way, we have a fun time with the photographer closer to our wedding date. We did the photos at Land's End, a great park/trail near Ocean Beach. We both love the water, the beach, take Evie on hikes on this trail so we thought it was perfect.

It was SUPER windy. I will show some photos when we get them. It was fun to do the photos. We got some great shots and had a good time. Our photographer is super nice and laid back. It's going to be a fun time at the wedding, that is for sure!!

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