Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hocus Pocus

Last night was very exciting. We had a yummy dinner of shrimp with leeks(even though I felt bad about eating the shrimp but they were from the US so maybe US fisherman are paid better). Anyway, around 930, we got the apple crisp ready, lit the candles, and put on HOCUS POCUS. Evie was a pain but I forced her to get on the couch & she immediately went to sleep.

In true Heather fashion, I saw maybe 20 mins of the movie and fell asleep. I saw up to the part where the witches came back. That's it! So, tonight, it will go on again and we'll see what happens.

I was very excited though. My co-worker asked me if I am going to be hyper all month & I said YES.


k. mead said...

considering you fall asleep every time, how many times have you actually seen the movie?

Suz said...

I don't remember this movie. I hardly ever fall asleep during movies, unless there is alchohol involved. husband hardly ever sees a whole movie and not for the same reason. :)