Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blockbuster Online

So, I am thinking about ending my Blockbuster online account. I am on the 1 movie per month plan and still, I get a movie and wait 2 weeks to watch it. I have been spending $10 per month on the subscription for 2 movies. I could probably save a few cents by going to the store to get the movie rather than having it sit in the house. BB online is so easy though and exciting to get in the mail. I might switch to the absolute cheapest plan or just cancel it.


k. mead said...

I am having this same problem too. I don't want to cancel it but do not watch the movies. waste of $.

Sarah said...

I canceled our Netflix because we would have the movies for 2 months and then decide we didn't want to watch it anymore. We have Comcast (which I hate) but they have movies on demand, so whenever we want to watch a movie we just order it for $4.99 and you get it for 24 hours.