Friday, November 5, 2010

Giants Parade

Wednesday was a very exciting day in SF! The World Series Champs came downtown for their victory parade! The parade started at Washington & Montgomery, came down Market St, and finished at Civic Center-in front of City Hall.

First of all, I rode my bike to work. BLOCKS before Civic Center, I saw people were walking downtown to get in their space for the parade. As I continued biking down Market St, I saw dividers on the sidewalk to keep fans off the street.

Once I got to Union Sq, people were getting louder. They were cheering, chanting, & making noise with their noisemakers. The fans were cheering for the bikers! haha. We were the pre-parade entertainment, I guess. They wanted to hi-five everyone. I declined because I cannot ride a bike and hi-five strangers without falling off a bike.

After I got to work, my co-worker and I went back outside to see the crowd. It was crazzzzzy!! We could only get onto Market St. Getting up Montgomery was impossible. Downtown was decorated in orange & black and everyone was excited. People were going into the streets BEFORE they shut the street down. You can see here that the train was stuck in the street!

People climbed up anywhere they could, to see the parade

Little Gians Fan

Here I am looking totally crazy. Hahaha

Sarah holding the free sign we got

This guy stood up on the pole & was telling people what to do. I don't know who he thought he was but he was giving people advice on where to go & stand.

Anyway, we didn't stay outside for the parade but glad we went out to see everything before it started. We left when the cops showed up to shut down the street & corral everyone. It was fun though! It's pretty fun living in the World Series city. Everyone is just full of excitement! Now, we just have to see how expensive our tickets are for next season :-)

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