Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holy Ceiling

After coming home from a fun weekend, Erik and I discovered something not so fun in our apartment. Little clues showed us that something was wrong with our ceiling. We noticed something dripping in the corner of our hallway. Then, we noticed that the light in the hallway was orange instead of bright light. Then, we noticed something dripping in our medicine cabinet. Then, we looked up to see a few bubbles in our ceiling & we saw something dripping from the bubbles!

At 430 am, we awoke to big drops hitting the bucket we set up to catch any water. The ceiling was now one big bubble! I was convinced that the ceiling bubble was going to break and spill everywhere. I put in an urgent maintenance request for someone to come over.

Yesterday, the contractors showed up in the morning was I was leaving for work. I ended up staying home so they could come over and work on the ceiling. They pulled out half of the ceiling to find a leaking pipe. The pipe was dripping down the wall, into the light fixture, and causing the ceiling to bubble. Surprisingly, the bubble was NOT full of water. It was just puffed out due to the moisture/humidity.

Today, the guys came back to replace the pipe. They had to get up into the apt upstairs to open up part of their floor to adjust the pipe. But, the pipe is now fixed. Next week, they will come back to patch the ceiling. What a pain!

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